A New Journey

A while back, I came across this girl online who is one of the most naturally beautiful women I’ve ever seen. And she happened to have dreadlocks. I was in awe! She was this seriously pretty girl with a hairstyle that I had never thought looked that great, and she somehow pulled it off! I hunted all over Pinterest for more girls with dreadlocks, and I realized that they can actually look way cool.

This was about a year or so ago. Fast forward to just a couple weeks ago, and I suddenly get this urge to look at more girls with dreads. I just couldn’t get enough! I started imagining myself with dreads. Would I look good in tight, neat dreads? Or messy, unkept dreads? Would I even look cool??

I decided that yes, I would look cool. I also decided that messy and unkept was the way to go. And I actually decided to go for it!

Of course, my husband wasn’t/isn’t thrilled. But we began talking and I realized that this need for this extreme hairstyle comes from this feeling of dissatisfaction. Not that I’m not happy with my life. More, I’m just unhappy with myself. I told my husband that I just don’t feel like the person that I was several years ago. It’s more than just the fact that I’m a mother now. I truly don’t feel like the same person I once was. And I need a way to express that.

So, I got my nose pierced and I’m doing my hair in dreadlocks. Normal stuff. Hehe!

I’ve already started my dreads, but I’m doing them myself without products, so they’re taking a while to finish. I’ve got about a third of my head done, but hopefully I’ll be done by the end of next week! They won’t be “mature” for a few months, at least, but I’ve got to start somewhere. I’m really excited to wear cute beads and wraps in my hair!

Everyone seems to think I’ll stop showering or stop shaving, or just turn into a hippie, but please. I’ll still wash my hair once a week (and shower my body every other day), which is how often I wash it without dreads! So I’ll still be clean. And I like my style (usually), so I can’t really see myself going full flower-child with my clothing choices. Maybe…but probably not. And I already am pretty hippie, or “crunchy.” We use cloth diapers, I’m still breastfeeding my child at nearly 16 months old, we bed-share most of the time, I baby-wear, and I LOVE natural cleaning products! 

Seriously, people. Dreadlocks were the natural next step.

I’ll update once I actually finish my whole head, but I’m considering starting a new blog just for my dreads. Maybe a YouTube channel. But I’m not sure if I have the time/energy for all that! Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in seeing videos or a dread-dedicated blog!


August Tacoma Trip

This last weekend, Owen and I picked up my 16-year-old sister, Ali, and headed to see our other sister, Bri, in Tacoma Washington! Bri is a student midwife and is studying under an awesome midwife in Tacoma for the next year or so, so we decided to check out her new stomping grounds!

On Thursday, Ali, Owen and I took off. We arrived around 4:30, to find that Bri was actually attending a birth! So we hung out with her husband, Cody, until Bri got home. Because Bri doesn’t like scary movies, we took that time to watch two new scary movies!

The next day, Bri took us to Chambers Bay. Chambers Bay is over in University Place, and it’s where the 2015 U.S. Open (golf thing) took place! We had a lovely walk and ended up at this pretty awesome play area. I had Owen in the baby carrier, so we took a break to let Owen play and let mommy rest!  

After our walk at Chambers Bay, we headed home to change, then we were off to the lake! The weather was perfect! And because we went on a weekday, the beach wasn’t nearly as crowded as I thought it would be!

On Saturday, we definitely low-keyed it. We planned on going garage saleing, but I’m related to horrible over sleepers…we didn’t leave the house until after 11. We then proceeded to get very, very lost on our way to get me some caffeine, ended up only going to a few sales, and getting even more lost. We basically got a thorough tour of Tacoma. But oh well! 

After somehow finding our way up North, we decided to check out Point Defiance! We stopped at Owens Beach (great name 😉 ) and walked around for a bit. Owen had a good time throwing rocks into the water. 

Sunday was our day to head out. But I decided that I needed to get a little crazy before I left. I’ve been wanting to get my nose pierced for years, and on Sunday morning I finally did! It was scary and invigorating and freeing! I feel like a new person, and it’s not even that noticeable haha!

Seriously, what an awesome trip. And my sister didn’t get called to a birth the whole time we were there! But, wouldn’t you know, the babies all came at once the second we left 😉 I know that my sister was just happy to get a few fun days with family, and so were we!