August Tacoma Trip

This last weekend, Owen and I picked up my 16-year-old sister, Ali, and headed to see our other sister, Bri, in Tacoma Washington! Bri is a student midwife and is studying under an awesome midwife in Tacoma for the next year or so, so we decided to check out her new stomping grounds!

On Thursday, Ali, Owen and I took off. We arrived around 4:30, to find that Bri was actually attending a birth! So we hung out with her husband, Cody, until Bri got home. Because Bri doesn’t like scary movies, we took that time to watch two new scary movies!

The next day, Bri took us to Chambers Bay. Chambers Bay is over in University Place, and it’s where the 2015 U.S. Open (golf thing) took place! We had a lovely walk and ended up at this pretty awesome play area. I had Owen in the baby carrier, so we took a break to let Owen play and let mommy rest!  

After our walk at Chambers Bay, we headed home to change, then we were off to the lake! The weather was perfect! And because we went on a weekday, the beach wasn’t nearly as crowded as I thought it would be!

On Saturday, we definitely low-keyed it. We planned on going garage saleing, but I’m related to horrible over sleepers…we didn’t leave the house until after 11. We then proceeded to get very, very lost on our way to get me some caffeine, ended up only going to a few sales, and getting even more lost. We basically got a thorough tour of Tacoma. But oh well! 

After somehow finding our way up North, we decided to check out Point Defiance! We stopped at Owens Beach (great name 😉 ) and walked around for a bit. Owen had a good time throwing rocks into the water. 

Sunday was our day to head out. But I decided that I needed to get a little crazy before I left. I’ve been wanting to get my nose pierced for years, and on Sunday morning I finally did! It was scary and invigorating and freeing! I feel like a new person, and it’s not even that noticeable haha!

Seriously, what an awesome trip. And my sister didn’t get called to a birth the whole time we were there! But, wouldn’t you know, the babies all came at once the second we left 😉 I know that my sister was just happy to get a few fun days with family, and so were we!


Camping With a Baby: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We took Owen camping for the first time this weekend. Let me tell ya, camping with a four-month-old is interesting. We had a wonderful time, but I was so happy to have my family there to help out!

Owen is, overall, a pretty easy-going baby. He did really good on this trip. The only time he was truly unhappy was while he was wearing his infant life jacket. We took a boat to our campsite, so this was a necessity.

He hated it.

But I have to say, I was very happy with the life jacket we chose, and felt really comfortable taking Owen on the boat, as long as he was wearing it. It has a floaty part behind his head, which ensures that the baby will float face-up, in case anything were to happen.

Little Man in his life jacket

Little Man in his life jacket

Because it was hot, hot, hot, and we were camping right on the lake, we, of course, had to go swimming.

Owen was in a rash guard shirt, a swim diaper, a bucket hat, and baby sunscreen. As he’s never been in the water (outside of the bath) or spent much time in the sun, I was extra careful with him. I actually bought a baby floaty that holds both baby and mommy, to make sure he was constantly supervised, but also able to have fun. It took me a while to get in, so aunty Bri swam with Owen.

Aunty Bri and Owen

Aunty Bri and Owen

He didn’t like it. Ha! His face was priceless when he felt the cool water! He didn’t cry, thank goodness, but he definitely didn’t laugh…or even smile! He had a perma-grimace the whole time. But, like I said, he didn’t cry. So we rolled with it!

Around the campfire he did great! I wore an Off! clip-on insect repellant, which kept us both safe from the mosquitos. I can happily report that both of us returned home from this trip bite-free! If you can find a coupon, these are so worth the buy.

The only sucky part about the whole trip was the whole tent thing. I honestly love tent camping. Just not with a baby.

I brought travel co-sleeper for Owen. It is, essentially, a mat with edges. It was actually pretty awesome! It ensured that neither Marshall nor I would roll onto Owen, and that Owen wouldn’t roll out!

But, despite the sleeping arrangements working out so well, it was still rough. When I have to wake up to nurse and change Owen several times a night, it’s nice to be able to sit up and rock, and to change him on his changing table.

Not a possibility in a tent.

I was holding Owen in one arm, using the other to prop myself up from behind. Then, crawling around on my hands and knees to change him. Uggg. Next time, I camp in a cabin or I don’t camp at all!

Overall, it was an awesome trip. Camping with an infant wasn’t as difficult as I had been anticipating. Having family around to hold him and give me a break was awesome. But it was great to be able to experience the outdoors with him, and I totally can’t wait for next summer!

Little Bear

Little Bear