31 Days of Lists – October 10

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but I have a BS in Biology, with an emphasis in zoology. Basically, I freakin’ love animals. My favorite class in college was Animal Behavior. I learned so many fun facts in that class!

Today’s list is supposed to be a list of odd facts that I know. But, like I said, I learned so many fun things about animals, that I’m going to modify this post a little. So, without further adieu…

Random Animal Facts That Might Make You Say, “Whaaaaat??”:

1. Honey bees mate once in their lifetime. The males literally explode after they impregnate their queen, leaving their “you-know-what” inside of her “you-know-where!” They do this in hopes that no other males can get up in there! (Little do they know that the queen wants as many mates as she can get before she starts her new colony)

2. You know how female praying Mantises eat the heads of their lovers? Yeah, well, they do that only during mating, because the lack of a head leaves the male’s body less-inhibited. In this state he’ll actually ejaculate more, increasing her chance of becoming impregnated. 🎶All that she wants is another baby, she’s gone tomorrow!🎶

3. Unlike other sea mammals, otters don’t have a layer of blubber. So, to keep warm and dry, they can have roughly 250,000 hairs per square inch!

4. Human females aren’t the only ones to go through menopause. Apparently, elephants and humpback whales also experience this. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more mammals on this list, maybe those with long life-spans like us.

5. “Finding Nemo” is a lie! When the mating female in a group of clownish dies, the mating male will transform into a female, and the next male in line will become the new mating male! So…Nemo’s dad would become Nemo’s mom…and Nemo would become Oedipus! Neat!

There are so many fun facts about animals, but these are some of my favorites! I just think it’s so fascinating how similar to us animals can be, and how CRAZY they can be! Awesome!

By the way…this is what happened when I told my sister about today’s prompt:


I about died laughing! I even woke my sleeping baby, I just couldn’t contain myself! Oh, Autocorrect, you little devil!