The Excitement of Month Five!


This month has been exciting! Owen is sitting up on his own! It seems unbelievable to me. How can my sweet baby boy possibly be old enough to sit up? Wasn’t he just born yesterday?

He’s also very close to crawling. He’s gotten pretty good at scooting himself across the room. Lately, if I set him on his tummy in his room and leave, by the time I get back he’s on the other side of the room! Impressive and scary! Definitely time to baby-proof.

The past week has been tough in the sleep department, though. I keep thinking that he’s teething, but I see no teeth! He drools so bad that he’s got a rash on his chin, and he wakes up fussy every couple of hours in the night. We’re down to just one, sometimes two, night feedings, but now we’re getting up two-three extra times! Usually, a binky will soothe him back to sleep, but I’m really feeling the pain.

Overall, it’s been a fun month! Owen is growing and learning so much, and he’s really developing his own unique personality! He’s very mellow and observant. He loves everybody and doesn’t have much issue being with new people. He loves to play, but he also likes to just chill with daddy on the couch. He also has quite the sense of humor!

Life is moving very quickly these days. I’m already missing those newborn days, but I’m so excited to see what happens next in my baby boy’s life!