31 Days of Lists – October 24

I don’t really “get” today’s list…it’s asking for my favorite patterns…like, chevron? Houndstooth? I can honestly say that I just don’t have a favorite. Call me strange.

So, in the spirit of Halloween, I’m going to list my favorite candy!!! Warning: I have one heck of a sweet tooth.

Favorite Candy:

1. Hot Tamales

2. Jr. Mints

3. Riesens!!!

4. Reece’s (I go crazy for the eggs they do at Easter…they’re huge)

5. Sour rope

6. Pretty much anything chocolate, cinnamon, peanut butter or sour!

I’m super excited to take Owen trick-or-treating this year! In my opinion, as long as I’m putting work/money into the costume, I deserve a cut of the candy…and since Owen isn’t even eating the good stuff yet, it appears that I’ll be hitting the mother load this year!

Do you moms take a share of your kids’ candy? Is there a certain candy you’re hoping to see in their trick-or-treating bags?


31 Days of Lists – October 20

Today’s list will cause you all to judge me, I’m sure. But please don’t! I’m only human! Everybody makes mistakes!

My Guilty Pleasures:

1. “Habits” by Tove Lo

2. Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream

3. Rice crispies with chocolate milk

4. Disney movies

5. Disney music

6. Online shopping (Amazon Prime ftw!)

7. Swearing

8. Riesens (the candy)

9. Mel Gibson movies

10. Christmas music

11. “Supernatural”

There! I can’t believe I admitted all that! I should feel free or something…but I really just want some chocolate and Melly Gibson…maybe throw in some Sam and Dean Winchester…dang, what a party that would be!

Please don’t tell my husband I just said that…

31 Days of Lists – October 7

I love today’s prompt. It is so easy to complain and only see the dark side of whatever situation you’re facing, but it’s so much more difficult to see the light! Today’s prompt is forcing me to think real hard about the good things in life.

Reasons For Me to Be Happy:

1. Chocolate exists

2. Rainbows

3. Baby laughter

4. Snuggling under the covers on chilly winter mornings

5. Memes (especially Grumpy Cat) are a thing

6. Marsh and I are in good health

7. Despite my son’s glaucoma, he’s in good health

8. Puppies!

9. We have a huge, supportive family

10. I have siblings that I actually like

Because my family is having such a difficult week, it was nice to take a few minutes to think of good, happy things in my life. Things that make me smile.

What makes you happy?