Our HUGE Announcement!

Well, the time has come to tell you all that in April, 2016, we will be welcoming the newest member of our family! Baby Baker #2 is due on April 1, April Fool’s Day! I really hope he/she isn’t actually born that day, but we’ll see what happens!

So as of right now, I’m 10 weeks along, and baby is the size of a prune! My morning sickness and fatigue has been far worse this time around, and everyone seems to think that that means I’m having a girl this time around! Honestly, I would be happy with either. A girl would be fun and adorable, but a boy would mean that Owen would have a brother/best friend to grow up with! Plus, I already have all boy stuff haha! But as long as this baby stays healthy, I have no preference on gender.

We got to have our first ultrasound last week, and the little one’s head and arms are very visible at this point! Plus, I was able to see the heartbeat! It was incredible!

This has been a shocking/happy/stressful time for us. We are very concerned about our finances and the cost of having a second child, but we are trusting that God will provide. I may be taking on a part-time job either while pregnant or after the baby comes, but the thought of losing time with my babies just kills me. Plus, daycare is so expensive! And I don’t even know how to go about finding someone that I can trust! Ugh, just so much stuff to think about.

For the next several months, look out for my bump photos!! Cuz I’ll def be posting lots 😉


Moving Grandma and Sibling Visits

June was a busy month for us. Earlier this year, we found out that my grandma would be unable to stay in her home of 20+ years. It was really heartbreaking news, but due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances, there wasn’t much we could do about it.

I began looking for apartments/cheaper homes for her to rent that would be closer to us (she was living on the coast and we’re all inland a bit). It was a struggle to find anything that fit her budget, but we finally did it! After the biggest garage sale I’ve ever seen (with the most profit I’ve ever heard of), we were finally able to move her.

She now lives about 20 minutes from me. And, although it’s small and it’s not the coast, I think she’s feeling pretty happy there. I know she’s happy that she gets to see her great-grandson so often!

The week following her big move, I had my brother stay with us for about 6 days. He’s 12 and a handful, but we had a lot of fun! We spent some time at the public pool, then bought an inflatable pool and water balloons to have some fun at the house! Owen loved it! We invited my grandma and aunt out, and they seemed to enjoy themselves, too.

The very next week I had my 16-year-old sister stay with us for a week! We had a low-key week. We worked out together (ouch!) and made some coconut oil facewash! We also redboxed a bunch of dumb movies haha! Owen just adores his aunties and uncle!’

Overall, a very busy month, but July was even better–we went to Disneyland! I’ll post about it in a couple days!

My Baby is One!

Today Owen turned one, and I am feeling All. The. Feels. I cannot believe how quickly the past year has flown by! All I can think is, the next seventeen years are gonna be such a blur! Then he’ll be going off to college…getting married…having babies of his own…and he’ll forget all about his poor mother!!

Or…I could just keep him home forever and ever and never let him leave me!! Too crazy? Damn.

He’s grown so much, it’s insane. He walks now. Like, legit walking! He doesn’t hesitate at all to just take off running with his arms in the air like a crazy person! And he eats so many different foods now. I just feed him whatever we’re eating and he goes at it! And he “talks.” Oh my word, he babbles all day long, and I swear that he understands everything I say. How did he get so smart?

And I’ve changed, too, this last year. Physically, my body’s definitely not what it used to be. But emotionally–I’m a whole new me. I’m still the same person, essentially, but I’m so much stronger than I ever was before. Something changes in you, I think, when you become a mother. You are responsible for guarding your child’s life and heart and you have to be willing to do whatever is necessary in order to do that. You have to be strong. And in my case, I had to learn to stick up for myself and my parenting decisions. I had to learn to put haters in their place. And trust me, I’ve done just that! I’m still sweet Katie. But there’s a much fiercer woman lying in wait just below the surface. 

It’s crazy what a year can do in your life. I am so excited and nervous and scared for the years to come with my little boy! But I trust that God will see us through. My boy will become a good man, and lead an amazing life!

And never leave his mother…kidding!!!

But can I at least be his prom date?

Starting Solid Foods

Last week, I finally took the plunge and started Owen on solid foods. I have a book with easy baby food recipes, so I started small and made some rice cereal, applesauce, and butternut squash, and froze them all in the freezer. On Monday, we started with the rice cereal.

And he hated it.



I know it’s all new and different, maybe a little weird, but I kept at it, despite his aversion. He finally gave in and let me feed him. He even seemed to enjoy it for a bit, before remembering that he hated it.

We tried rice cereal again on Tuesday, but then switched to the squash on Wednesday and Thursday. And we will probably have to mask the squash with other tastes if we ever want him to eat it again… it was awful! He was actually gagging at the taste! He may have developed my picky eating habits, because trying sweet potatoes didn’t go that great either.

I mean, I know that milk is preferable, but I guess I just thought he would be totally into trying solid foods! It’s just so exciting and nerve-wracking for me, it seems weird that it’s so awful for him!

I made some banana purée last night, and we tried that today. I was hoping that the sweetness would make this whole thing a bit more appealing to him. He did actually seem to like the banana, which was awesome! I hope it’s a sign that eating solid foods will go a little smoother from now on!

Anybody got any advice as to how to ease this transition? How did your kids do when they started solids?

Teething: Are We Done Yet?!

After what has felt like forever, Owen has finally cut teeth! He’s been exceptionally fussy the past several nights, so Friday morning I took a chance and felt his gums. And, what do you know? I felt teeth!

He was still pretty fussy Friday night, so I checked his teeth again on Saturday morning. Phantom teeth. I keep hearing about this happening to babies…teeth popping up and down and up again. And I guess it’s a real thing, because his teeth had disappeared! By the end of the day, they reappeared, but geez! No wonder he’s been so fussy lately!

As of Sunday, his teeth seemed a bit more permanent. There’s not much to them yet, but I am just thrilled that they’ve broken through his gums.

Now, I’m curious…Will we go through this crazy nonsense for every new tooth? Or will the fussiness and discomfort go away over time, as he gets used to the sensation of new teeth? Because, I have lost so much sleep over the last few days, and I’m so dreading any new teeth he gets!

Where Did I Leave My Brain?!

Have your babies been having issues with the time change? Mine sure has…and I’m exhausted!

This morning he woke me up at 6 o’clock, then took a nap at 8! He could barely keep his eyes open! I’m not sure why he felt he needed to wake up at 6 in the first place…Meanwhile, I am being forced to keep my eyes open for him!

And, by the way, I am so glad that my 31 days of lists challenge is over. It was a struggle to make myself write everyday. Before having Owen, I don’t think it would have been so bad. But I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in 6 1/2 months! And now we’ve got a time change…Ug! My brain feels like mush!

So if you don’t see any posts from me for a few days, I’m alive, just resting my brain a bit (and chasing my almost crawling baby boy!).

When I Found Out I Was Pregnant

I found out I was pregnant back in August, 2013. I had been suspicious for about a week, but I had taken two home pregnancy tests and both were negative!

Lucky for me, my annual exam was scheduled for August. While I was in my Gyno’s office, I mentioned that I thought I might be pregnant. She ordered me a blood test for that day.

I remember her telling me, as she did my breast exam, that I had great breasts for breastfeeding, which might come in handy soon!

Ummm, thanks? Haa!

After getting my blood drawn, I headed to see my mom in Portland. I don’t remember why, but I had my brother with me in the car. As we were driving and chatting, I got a call from my doctor’s office.

And my heart began racing.

I turned the volume down on my phone, and tried to keep my cool. I didn’t want my brother knowing what was up.

My doctor told me that my test was positive, and that she guessed that I was about four weeks along. She told me to call the office and schedule an appointment for four weeks out.

I hung up and sat in awe for a second, driving in silence. I glanced over at my brother. I thought to myself that I needed to tell my husband before anyone else, but, instead, I word-vomited.

“Wanna know a secret??” I asked, with a huge, silly grin. “I’m pregnant!”

Ahhhh! What excitement! It was completely unplanned, and I was freaked! My entire life changed that day.

And my brother loves that he was the first to know 😉 What a great uncle!

How did you find out you were pregnant? Have you ever had a pregnancy test give you a false reading?

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