Owen’s First Disneyland Trip

On July 2, we took off for Disneyland! It was Owen’s first trip and my bajillionth trip! I can’t even properly describe my deep, deep love for all things Disney!

Marshall wasn’t able to take time off from work, so we went with my mom, both sisters, and my brother! Bri and I missed our husbands, but it was great to get some sibling time! 

I was extremely nervous for the plane. I just know that babies don’t always handle the changing cabin pressure well, and I really didn’t want to deal with cranky passengers while trying to deal with a cranky baby. But, he actually did pretty amazing! No cries, whatsoever! He really enjoyed looking out the window and coloring with the crayons we got!

Once we arrived, we had the absolute best time! We didn’t really worry too much about nap time or bedtime, and I’m glad we didn’t worry! Because even though his sleep schedule was thrown way off, it didn’t affect his mood at all! He was the most mellow kid during the whole trip!

Owen was very unsure of the characters, as you’ll see in the photos, he’s got the most grumpy look with every single character! 


He did end up warming up to the characters by the end of the trip, though! He loved Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and the princesses!

Then there was us adults! We had an absolute blast! It was so great getting some much-needed sibling time!

While there, I happened to experience one of the greatest moments of my life. I met Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers!! My favorite player on my favorite team…I completely fan-girled, cried, hyperventilated…and he still took a picture with me!! Excuse the crazed look in my eyes…I said I was crying!

I made it back and white to hide my blotchiness…at least he looks good!!

I know that some people are totally against taking kids this small to Disney, but I’m just so glad that I did. The memories that I made were priceless, and I’ll treasure these sweet photos for the rest of my life.

Owen had such a great time, and I really did, too! It was definitely a different kind of trip, but it was great! I still got to go on plenty of rides, we just had to take things slower than we usually do, which worked out just fine! I mean, just look at these smiles! 

Totally worth the trip!


The Haircut of Shame

So, I gave Owen his first haircut several months ago, and it really wasn’t that bad. Mostly because I hardly took any hair! Unfortunately, his hair grew back with a scruffy vengeance! So, toward the end of June I decided to give it another go! But I decided to try to cut it a bit shorter this time.

It did not work.

Oh my word!! I don’t know what I was thinking! I tried to mimick what my hairstylist does when she layers my hair, but I’ve never been formally trained on how to cut hair…and it shows…

Here’s his scruffy mane before the cut:

And here’s my hack-job:

Stop laughing!!!!! I know its awful, okay? I seriously just hit a certain point and couldn’t stop. It was like a sickness came over me and I just had to keep cutting!

My husband got home, buzzed it (after laughing for way too long), and made me promise to take him to a barber next time:

I’ll be keeping that promise.

Moving Grandma and Sibling Visits

June was a busy month for us. Earlier this year, we found out that my grandma would be unable to stay in her home of 20+ years. It was really heartbreaking news, but due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances, there wasn’t much we could do about it.

I began looking for apartments/cheaper homes for her to rent that would be closer to us (she was living on the coast and we’re all inland a bit). It was a struggle to find anything that fit her budget, but we finally did it! After the biggest garage sale I’ve ever seen (with the most profit I’ve ever heard of), we were finally able to move her.

She now lives about 20 minutes from me. And, although it’s small and it’s not the coast, I think she’s feeling pretty happy there. I know she’s happy that she gets to see her great-grandson so often!

The week following her big move, I had my brother stay with us for about 6 days. He’s 12 and a handful, but we had a lot of fun! We spent some time at the public pool, then bought an inflatable pool and water balloons to have some fun at the house! Owen loved it! We invited my grandma and aunt out, and they seemed to enjoy themselves, too.

The very next week I had my 16-year-old sister stay with us for a week! We had a low-key week. We worked out together (ouch!) and made some coconut oil facewash! We also redboxed a bunch of dumb movies haha! Owen just adores his aunties and uncle!’

Overall, a very busy month, but July was even better–we went to Disneyland! I’ll post about it in a couple days!

Apparently, I Suck at Blogging

Well, I’m back.


But for real this time! So much has been happening, and my toddler has proven to me that kids are a handful, that I just decided to put blogging on the back burner for a while. But I’ve missed it. So I’ve decided to pick it up again. I thought about doing a photo dump, but I think I’ll actually try to post separate blogs about the last several months! We’ve had a very busy summer, and I have lots of adventures to share!

But for right now, I’ll leave you with this: my child is an insane 15-month-old now, and I feel like I’m losing my mind!

Parties and Puppies!

What an eventful week! In my last post I talked about my son turning one. That weekend, we had a big party for him! We originally planned a BBQ at our house, but moved to the local Pizza Hut, due to rain. But I think it turned out pretty great, and I didn’t have to take care Of cleanup!   











Owen had an absolute blast and got so many great gifts! Lots of toys, clothes, and money! He got so much money, in fact, that I’ve decided to open a savings account for him. He has a big piggy bank that’s completely full, so every year on his birthday (or sooner, if necessary), we’ll empty it and take his money to the bank! 



On a sad note, we also ended up rehoming our dog, Rowan, last weekend. For the last year, he has been so jealous and aggressive with Owen, that I just couldn’t have him around anymore. He used to just growl, but ever since Owen started walking, he’s been barking as well. It would only take one second for things to turn south, and change our lives forever. We decided that we had no choice but to find him a new home.

My mom works with a lady named Dawn who is a total animal nut! She has a female border collie and has actually been searching for a high energy companion for her. We took Rowan to meet them, and it was amazing. Her house is completely dog-friendly, there are no kids to stress Rowan out, and the two dogs just love each other! I cried as we were driving away, but I really couldn’t have asked for a better home for him. Dawn has even been sending me updates and videos, and Rowan seems to be so happy! It definitely makes things easier to see that he’s having fun.

Because we are total dog people, my hubby and I decided that we can’t be without one! We decided that we needed to make sure we got a family-friendly breed, and we wanted a puppy. It was hard with Rowan, because we got him as an adult and didn’t know his history. With a puppy, you know what you’re getting because you’re helping to write their history.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we started looking, we found a lady near us who was selling lab puppies! I’m usually against backyard breeders, but in this case, they weren’t trying for puppies, but their neighbor’s male dog snuck under their fence and…let’s just say they’re taking momma to get spayed as soon as possible!

We picked out a beautiful black female, and we named her Maddie May! We are completely in love, as is Owen! The two of them are so cute it hurts. And I can already tell that they’re going to be best buds!

Best birthday present ever?? I think yes.



My Baby is One!

Today Owen turned one, and I am feeling All. The. Feels. I cannot believe how quickly the past year has flown by! All I can think is, the next seventeen years are gonna be such a blur! Then he’ll be going off to college…getting married…having babies of his own…and he’ll forget all about his poor mother!!

Or…I could just keep him home forever and ever and never let him leave me!! Too crazy? Damn.

He’s grown so much, it’s insane. He walks now. Like, legit walking! He doesn’t hesitate at all to just take off running with his arms in the air like a crazy person! And he eats so many different foods now. I just feed him whatever we’re eating and he goes at it! And he “talks.” Oh my word, he babbles all day long, and I swear that he understands everything I say. How did he get so smart?

And I’ve changed, too, this last year. Physically, my body’s definitely not what it used to be. But emotionally–I’m a whole new me. I’m still the same person, essentially, but I’m so much stronger than I ever was before. Something changes in you, I think, when you become a mother. You are responsible for guarding your child’s life and heart and you have to be willing to do whatever is necessary in order to do that. You have to be strong. And in my case, I had to learn to stick up for myself and my parenting decisions. I had to learn to put haters in their place. And trust me, I’ve done just that! I’m still sweet Katie. But there’s a much fiercer woman lying in wait just below the surface. 

It’s crazy what a year can do in your life. I am so excited and nervous and scared for the years to come with my little boy! But I trust that God will see us through. My boy will become a good man, and lead an amazing life!

And never leave his mother…kidding!!!

But can I at least be his prom date?

Hello Old Friends

No, I didn’t die. I’m alive and well and exhausted and stressed and here.

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that I’ve been gone since late November. Due to some pretty insane and unforeseen circumstances, I decided to take a two-month hiatus from my blog. I then extended it by a few months, out of sheer laziness!

But I’m here, and I’m ready to get back into the blogosphere!! So much has happened, so why don’t I just start by filling you all in?

Well, in December, amidst the aforementioned craziness, we celebrated our first Christmas with Owen! We had such a blast and got so many awesome photos! My favorite gift, by far, was out new Boba baby carrier!! We’ve gotten some great use out of it so far!

We also had our first Valentine’s Day, and my in-laws graciously watched Owen so Marshall and I could have a date night. I got drunk. Lol!! It was much needed, and a great time with my hubby.

Owen and I traveled to California in March. My parents were driving down, so they invited us to join! It was the longest, most sleepless week of my life, but it was such a great trip. We got to see so much family that Owen has never met before, and at one point we had five generations in one photo! We went to the Sacramento Zoo one day, and got to feed a giraffe! I’m really happy that I get to stay home with Owen and that I get opportunities like this one.

I also opened up an Etsy shop in March!! The name is StampAndCocoaDesign! Stamp because I’m making stamps, Cocoa because I’m a chocolate nut…so, ya know, pretty fitting! If you like me, go check it out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/StampAndCocoaDesign

About a week and a half ago, Owen had another EUA (exam under anesthesia). It went so well that his doctor doesn’t need to see him under anesthesia for six months!! Praise the Lord.

And, last but not least, my sweet, funny, happy boy is turning one in ONE WEEK! Aaaah!! I can’t believe it!! He’s walking, got six teeth, and is growing like a weed, but he can’t possibly be one year old yet, can he? We’re planning a really casual party for him for next weekend, and I’m pretty excited!

Well, I’ll leave you all with a photo dump, and I’ll be back next week! Good to see you all again!