Goodbye September, Hello October!

We’ve had a pretty busy/hectic month at our house. On the 9th, I turned 25 (yay!), and on the 10th, my husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary (double yay!). We ended up low-keying both events this year. I’ve just been so tired this pregnancy, and Owen hasn’t slept well in months! We thought that anything extravagant would just be too exhausting!!

The week following our anniversary, Owen caught a seriously nasty stomach virus. That was an exhausting (and disgusting) week, made worse when Marshall ended up catching the virus! Ugg! I was fortunate to have not caught it, because it fell on my shoulders to take care of my boys! A mother’s job is never done, I suppose.

Once Marshall and Owen were back to feeling 100%, we decided to take a day trip to the coast! We hadn’t had Maddie or Owen in the sand and water yet, and we were anxious to see how they’d do! Owen was very hesitant, but ended up loving both the sand and water! Maddie seemed to like the beach, but all she really wanted to do was say hi to other dogs. She loves other dogs, but she really struggles to come when called, so we didn’t risk taking her off-leash. That’s ok, though–mommy and Maddie sat in the sun while Owen and daddy played in the water!

Our trip was cut short because I ended up being very ill that day. My nausea has been horrendous this pregnancy, and I ended up vomiting several times throughout the day.

We ended up in the ER this last Sunday after Owen swallowed leather cleaner….awesome….We called poison control and were assured that unless he was struggling for breath, we were fine! But, in typical new parent fashion, we didn’t trust them and went into the ER anyways!! And we were assured by the doctor that Owen was fine. So there ya go.

And, we finished up the month with a bang! I got a part-time job! I saw a craigslist ad for a part-time position at the local packing/shipping store, handed in an application, and got a call two hours later saying I was hired! I have worked three days so far, and am loving it! I mean, it’s not what I went to college for…and it’s not what I would have chosen for a job…but if you have to get a part-time job (and I did), it might as well be fun! And I work with some really great ladies! I think it’s going to be a great experience! 

Now it’s October, and I’ve got big plans for this month! Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, Halloweentown in St. Helens, and, of course, Halloween!! I’ll try to update more regularly this month, as it should be lots of fun, and I’m sure to have lots of great photos to share!