My Baby is One!

Today Owen turned one, and I am feeling All. The. Feels. I cannot believe how quickly the past year has flown by! All I can think is, the next seventeen years are gonna be such a blur! Then he’ll be going off to college…getting married…having babies of his own…and he’ll forget all about his poor mother!!

Or…I could just keep him home forever and ever and never let him leave me!! Too crazy? Damn.

He’s grown so much, it’s insane. He walks now. Like, legit walking! He doesn’t hesitate at all to just take off running with his arms in the air like a crazy person! And he eats so many different foods now. I just feed him whatever we’re eating and he goes at it! And he “talks.” Oh my word, he babbles all day long, and I swear that he understands everything I say. How did he get so smart?

And I’ve changed, too, this last year. Physically, my body’s definitely not what it used to be. But emotionally–I’m a whole new me. I’m still the same person, essentially, but I’m so much stronger than I ever was before. Something changes in you, I think, when you become a mother. You are responsible for guarding your child’s life and heart and you have to be willing to do whatever is necessary in order to do that. You have to be strong. And in my case, I had to learn to stick up for myself and my parenting decisions. I had to learn to put haters in their place. And trust me, I’ve done just that! I’m still sweet Katie. But there’s a much fiercer woman lying in wait just below the surface. 

It’s crazy what a year can do in your life. I am so excited and nervous and scared for the years to come with my little boy! But I trust that God will see us through. My boy will become a good man, and lead an amazing life!

And never leave his mother…kidding!!!

But can I at least be his prom date?


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