Welcome Back Me! An Update

I haven’t posted anything in over a week! It has been so stinkin’ hectic over here, and we’ve had lots going on. So, I’ve decided to do a recap of this month, as well as a bit of what’s to come!


-Owen Is growing like a weed! He turned seven months old on Monday, and I can’t help but feel like things are moving way too fast! Wasn’t he just born?! And he’s hit a ton of milestones this month, which only adds to the feeling that things are moving too fast.

-We started Owen on solid foods this month, and it seems to be going really well! He really likes bananas and sweet potatoes! And he’s very eager to grab the spoon to feed himself, but I’m just not ready to clean food out of his hair, ears, and rolls!

-We’ve also got two teeth! After all the torture of dealing with a teething baby, we have teeth. They’re small, but at least they’ve cut through the gums! Owen loves biting our hands and arms!

-Owen is not quite crawling on his hands and knees, but he is army-crawling! He’s been moving for a while, now, but he only seemed to know how to move backwards. Now, however, he can definitely go forward if he sees something he wants! We’ve been cleaning the floors more often this month…

-Owen outgrew his baby bath tub and his infant car seat! So, we’ve started bathing him the big bath, with a non-slip bath mat, and we hit the stores in search of a new car seat. We ended up getting a car seat that will allow Owen to be rear-facing until he’s 40 lbs. and front-facing until he’s 65 lbs. I can’t believe he’s so huge! When I nurse him, he takes up half my body!

-After having Owen sleep in our room for the last seven months (in his pack & play), he’s finally moved into his crib in the nursery. This is huge for me. I was so nervous the first night! It’s really strange not being able to hear every little noise he makes, but the baby monitor is a sanity-saver! It’s also really strange having to walk all the way into the nursery to grab him! I’m used to just leaning over to soothe him, barely having to wake up to do so…but those days have passed!

-Owen met Santa! Our mall’s Santa arrived last weekend, so I decided to take Owen to meet him and get pictures. I’ve never sent out Christmas cards before, but I’d really like to this year, and I’d like to show off my cute one! I actually bought him a “Baby’s 1st Christmas” outfit for the photo. It turned out flippin’ adorable!

-We had a very busy first Thanksgiving with Owen! In the early afternoon, we went to Marshall’s grandma’s house for a late lunch. It was great spending time with family that we really don’t get to see too often. We stayed for a few hours, before heading to my sister’s house to see my family. We had a less traditional dinner, consisting of lasagna and garlic bread. Tasty! After dinner and dessert, we gathered in the living room for some pretty intense games of Catchphrase and 5 Names in a Hat! My family is pretty competitive, so it got kinda loud! Most of the family said goodbye around 8:30, so I put Owen to sleep. The men stayed home with him so us girls could do some Black Friday shopping!

-We got our Christmas tree and decorated the house! Black Friday was actually spent decorating the house, then On Saturday we went with my dad and step-mom to get our tree! We live right down the road from an awesome u-cut tree farm, so we went there! It was cold, rainy, and muddy, but we had a great time and found an awesome tree! It’s definitely a tradition I want to do every year with Owen.

Looking Forward:

-Next week, my aunt will be staying with us for a few days. My aunt is mentally handicapped, and has the most beautiful heart. She has been looking forward to staying with me for months! She can’t wait to help me with Owen. I’m going to take her to Portland while she’s here, to go to the Children’s Museum. She doesn’t know it, but they have a Wizard of Oz exhibit going on right now! She’s a Wizard of Oz NUT! She’s going to be so excited, and I can’t wait to surprise her! The zoo is right next to the museum, so I’m considering taking her to Zoo Lights, as well!

-Christmas time is my favorite time of year. I love the music, the lights, the smells. Everything about this season makes me feel all merry and bright! And I am so excited that we get to share Christmas with Owen this year. I know that it won’t mean much to him at this age, but I’m sure that the memories we make this month will stay with me forever. I planned on not buying him much, because he won’t know the difference, and I’m sure his grand-parents will spoil him. But, I just couldn’t resist. Amazon was having a BOGO thing going on for Black Friday, so I ordered him some new toys!

-New years is always bittersweet for me. I am looking forward to the new year, but it’s always kinda sad to look back and see that certain things never got crossed off of that never-ending to-do list. It was a busy year, and I’m not too down on myself for not doing what I had hoped (I mean, I had a kid! Things are supposed to slow down a bit!), but I’m really looking forward to 2015!

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One thought on “Welcome Back Me! An Update

  1. It seems a lot of mommy blogger’s took the week off! I’m glad… It gave everyone a chance to really enjoy and soak up all the special little moments. It’s amazing how much more special the holidays feel once you have a little one. 🙂

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