Starting Solid Foods

Last week, I finally took the plunge and started Owen on solid foods. I have a book with easy baby food recipes, so I started small and made some rice cereal, applesauce, and butternut squash, and froze them all in the freezer. On Monday, we started with the rice cereal.

And he hated it.



I know it’s all new and different, maybe a little weird, but I kept at it, despite his aversion. He finally gave in and let me feed him. He even seemed to enjoy it for a bit, before remembering that he hated it.

We tried rice cereal again on Tuesday, but then switched to the squash on Wednesday and Thursday. And we will probably have to mask the squash with other tastes if we ever want him to eat it again… it was awful! He was actually gagging at the taste! He may have developed my picky eating habits, because trying sweet potatoes didn’t go that great either.

I mean, I know that milk is preferable, but I guess I just thought he would be totally into trying solid foods! It’s just so exciting and nerve-wracking for me, it seems weird that it’s so awful for him!

I made some banana purée last night, and we tried that today. I was hoping that the sweetness would make this whole thing a bit more appealing to him. He did actually seem to like the banana, which was awesome! I hope it’s a sign that eating solid foods will go a little smoother from now on!

Anybody got any advice as to how to ease this transition? How did your kids do when they started solids?


2 thoughts on “Starting Solid Foods

  1. I love his face in your pictures. What book are you using. I’m going to Barnes and noble this week to get one. Carolina started cereal about 2-3 weeks ago and fortunately she loves it! I used steel cut oats and after 4 days I started adding cinnamon to it and she loves that even more. I’m so looking forward to making her baby food so I hope she enjoys it!! Good luck!


  2. Don’t worry! I am going through the same phase but eventually, these kids start to relish it. Just don’t give up and keep trying. My LO hates it all, but we are in our 3rd week of having introduced SS diet. He is doing much better now 🙂


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