Teething: Are We Done Yet?!

After what has felt like forever, Owen has finally cut teeth! He’s been exceptionally fussy the past several nights, so Friday morning I took a chance and felt his gums. And, what do you know? I felt teeth!

He was still pretty fussy Friday night, so I checked his teeth again on Saturday morning. Phantom teeth. I keep hearing about this happening to babies…teeth popping up and down and up again. And I guess it’s a real thing, because his teeth had disappeared! By the end of the day, they reappeared, but geez! No wonder he’s been so fussy lately!

As of Sunday, his teeth seemed a bit more permanent. There’s not much to them yet, but I am just thrilled that they’ve broken through his gums.

Now, I’m curious…Will we go through this crazy nonsense for every new tooth? Or will the fussiness and discomfort go away over time, as he gets used to the sensation of new teeth? Because, I have lost so much sleep over the last few days, and I’m so dreading any new teeth he gets!


4 thoughts on “Teething: Are We Done Yet?!

  1. I think the molars are absolutely the worse! Unfortunately for little Chloe, she had a whole bunch of teeth coming through all at one time including one or two molars. She would wake up screaming in the middle of the night and she would be WARM! After a few days, I think majority of the teeth finally made their way to the surface and weren’t bothering her as much. The plus side of her getting a bunch at once though is that it knocked a bunch of birds out with one stone. I don’t know how you feel about giving your little one medicine, but on the reaaaallly bad nights we give Chloe one or two of the Hyland’s teething tablets. We try not to rely on it, so we usually only give it to her when she’s having a hard time sleeping or if she’s unbelievably fussy and clearly uncomfortable. Other than that, we give her cold snacks or a frozen wash cloth to chomp on. She doesn’t seem to like frozen teething toys. But those usually seem to do the trick during the day. I hope Owen feels better soon, and you’re able to catch up on some rest!


    • You know, he does seem to be doing a bit better, but I’ll have to remember those teething tablets for the next round of teeth that come in. I actually haven’t heard of them, but I’m definitely not opposed to using medication if he gets really uncomfortable. Now I’m scared for the molars 😉


      • It seems like things are the worse when their teeth are making their way to the surface. Definitely check out the tablets! I’ve seen them at Target, WalMart, CVS etc. They dissolve quickly in their mouth and provides really fast relief! They’re supposed to be homeopathic too I believe.

        My dentist also told me that we could start brushing Chloe’s “teeth” as soon as they started popping through. He said often times babies are fussy because the plague and bacteria around where they’re teething irritates and inflames their gums. We just used a finger toothbrush until Chloe had bit more teeth, and I have to say it really did help! It’s twice a day (or whenever we could) that her itchy gums get a good rub down, and I think because it provided relief when she wasn’t feeling good, now she loves to brush her teeth!


      • Oh thats awesome! I bet thats causing irritation for Owen, too. Ill have to get a little toothbrush, but tonight before bed ill try giving his gums a rub with a washcloth! Thanks so much for the ideas! I feel really desperate…these teeth are knocking us both onto out butts!


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