Glaucoma Update

On Friday, Owen had an appointment with the eye doctor at OHSU. This was not his surgeon that we saw a little over a month ago, but this was the eye doctor who first diagnosed Owen’s glaucoma, and sent us straight to the surgeon.

She originally told us that Owen would most likely need glasses at this point in his life, so that was my big question for her: Will he still need glasses???

After checking the pressure in both of his eyes, and watching how he focuses under different lenses, she informed me that she doesn’t see glasses in his near future! His eye pressures were excellent. As long as his eye pressures remain excellent, and he seems to be seeing fine, glasses won’t be necessary for a very long time!

When we first found out Owen had glaucoma, I felt like I was caught in a whirlwind! One day he’s fine, the next he’s getting surgery! And we just began to pray. We had our family praying, our church praying, and even random strangers praying. And God has been so faithful. He’s answered our prayers and has taken such good care of my sweet boy. I am so grateful that God has helped us through all of this, and that we are surrounded by such awesome prayer-warriors!


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