DIY Cinnamon Stick Candles

Last week, I made a trip to IKEA (AKA heaven) with my sister. While there, we spotted a four-pack of white candles for just $2. As soon as I saw them, I thought back to a craft I had seen on Pinterest…cinnamon stick candles! I scooped them up, and my weekend DIY project was born!


Here’s what you need:


– Candles from IKEA ($2 for a pack of 4)
– Plate from IKEA ($4)
– Cinnamon sticks from Walmart ($5)
– Ribbon of choice ($1)
– Hot glue gun/hot glue sticks (free! I already had these on hand)

Total cost: $12!

Here’s what to do (candles):


– Place strips of glue directly onto the candle (I placed the glue onto the cinnamon stick, and it just didn’t work well).
– Press cinnamon stick into glue firmly! You may want to add a few drops of glue in the spaces afterwards, just in case.
– Continue to glue sticks all the way around the candle, filling in gaps with glue.

Here’s what to do (ribbons):


– Cut four strips of ribbon, one for each candle, and wrap around the candle. Glue in place.

Here’s what to do (bows):


– Weave one ribbon through the prongs of a fork five times.
– Use a second piece of ribbon to tie at the center. Double knot.
– Cut ends of ribbon to desired length.
– Slip ribbon off of fork and arrange the ends to the desired position.
– Place a dot of glue on each bow and place where desired.


VoilĂ ! This project took no time at all, and I really didn’t spend more than I would have, had I bought these at the store! Thank you Pinterest!

Have you attempted any Pinterest crafts? Did they turn out adorable?

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