Halloween Festivities

If you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll know that Marshall, Owen and I dressed as a beekeeper and his bees for Halloween! We also dressed the dog as a bee, but ended up not taking him trick-or-treating.

We started our festivities by going into town at 3 o’clock to do trick-or-treating at the businesses on Main St. The police actually closed off a section of Main St. just for the trick-or-treaters! We had a ton of fun, and we got so many compliments on our costumes!


I have to admit, I had some anxiety about taking Owen out, seeing as he’s just a baby and can’t eat candy. But once we started and people kept stopping us to say how cute we looked, I started to feel better about the whole thing! People really did get a kick out of us! One business even took our picture for their Facebook page!

After we hit up all of Main St., we headed to my sister’s house in Albany. She opened her door to this cuteness:


The five of us then headed to the mall in Albany to do indoor trick-or-treating! There were so many families! We had our picture taken twice at the mall!



I snapped this cute photo of my sister and her hubby:


After the mall, we headed to my in-laws’ for pizza and Uno! We ended up having an awesome Halloween and eating too much candy!


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