Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family For Less Than $25!

For Halloween this year, my family is doing coordinating costumes! And the best part is (apart from the cuteness), I dressed all four of us for under $25! How did I do this, you ask? DIY baby!!

I had sooo many ideas for family costumes, but I finally settled on a hive of bumblebees (me, Owen, and the dog) and our beekeeper (Marshall)!

In this post, I’ll show you how I costumed all four of us on the cheap:

The Beekeeper:


Marshall works with a ton of different chemicals, so he has these suits at work! He just asked to borrow one for the day! It was clean, of course, and just what we needed.

The hat was part cheap/part DIY. I bought the white hard hat for $3 at Goodwill. I then bought a yard of black toole, worth $1.39, and hot-glued it around the edge of the hat.

Final cost = $4.39

First Bumblebee:


I looked high and low for a cheap doggy costume, but I just couldn’t find one for an affordable price. So, I took to Ebay and found a great doggy costume, size large, for only $7.98 shipped! What a steal!

Final cost = $7.98

Second Bumblebee:


Owen’s bumblebee costume was purchased at Goodwill for $4! It’s a 6-12 month size, so it fits him perfectly! Plus, it’s in excellent condition with no rips, tears or stains! I highly recommend checking out Goodwill’s costume section before going to Walmart or Target.

Final cost = $4

Third Bumblebee:


The only bumblebee costumes I could find at Goodwill were for little girls, and the only ones at Walmart and Target were a bit revealing for my taste.

Not to fret! I found a very pretty set of yellow wings at Goodwill for $3, so I scooped them up! I bought a pair of black fleece-lined leggings for $6, and already own a black long-sleeve tee. I also have black boots that’ll be nice for the rain. My sister was selling her size small (in kids’ sizes) bee costume at our garage sale in September, so I bought it from her for $1! I had to do some minor adjustments (removed the zipper and added elastic, which I already owned), but I made it work!



I went to Walmart and bought a bag of black pipe-cleaners for $.87 and a bag of yellow Pom-poms for $1. I already own a black headband. I bent the pipe-cleaners around the headband, then hot-glued the Pom-poms to the ends. My antennae are done! What a simple DIY costume!

Final cost = $11.87

Thanks to Goodwill, Ebay, and some DIY, we managed to dress our whole family for Halloween! And it only cost us $25.24! Okay, so I went a bit over $25, but man, I’m good!!

Has your family ever worn coordinating costumes? Do you DIY your costumes?

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family For Less Than $25!

  1. Love it!!! 🙂 We didn’t really dress up this year (as a family). Our son was Mickey Mouse at Disney last week, and a doctor-drummer at school today for his trick or treating. But I certainly LOVE your ideas!!!


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