31 Days of Lists – October 31

It has been quite the month! I love October and Fall, but this year has been extra special with Owen in our lives. Looking back, there are a few things I definitely don’t want to forget!

Highlights of This Month:

1. Owen sat up. I mean, he can’t quite pull himself into the sitting position, but if you sit him up, he can hold it!

2. Owen’s first Halloween. I’m posting this before we actually go trick-or-treating, but I just know it’s going to be so fun!

3. My hubby’s birthday. We got to see family, watch football, eat cake…does it get any better?

4. I went to a clothing swap! The Dress Barn in Corvallis hosts a clothing swap every year, and I finally got to go! I brought a ton of clothes in the week before, got my vouchers, and walked away with a ton of new (to me) clothes! It was such a rush! People be straight-up cray.

5. Date night. We’ve only had a couple nights away from Owen since he was born, so it was definitely a highlight! We saw Fury and went to Shari’s for milkshakes!

We had some great moments this month, but I’m really looking forward to the coming months!

What were your October highlights?


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