A Quarter of a Century

My husband’s birthday was yesterday. He’s 25! I can’t believe it. It seems weird that he’s that old! Maybe because I met him when he was only 16?

Wow. Have we really known each other for that long?

I remember when he first came to my school. It was sophomore year, and Ms. Reister assigned his seat between me and my best friend, Lauren. He had us cracking up every day in biology! I had a crush on him right away, but we didn’t begin dating until senior year.


Our first date was February 2, 2008. We went to our school’s masquerade ball together. The theme was fairy tales, so he went as a prince and I was a fairy! A few days later, we made things official.

It seems like just yesterday, but here he is, a quarter of a century old. My husband. My provider. My son’s father. What a guy! Happy Birthday, my love!

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