31 Days of Lists – October 25

I am an extremely picky eater. Not proud of it, but it’s just who I am. One of the reasons that I am so picky is that I’m a texture-eater. Even if something has a nice taste, I won’t eat it if it’s got a strange texture. You know, slimy food…gritty food….just can’t do it!

I also have this weird thing about fruit. I do love fruit, but I seriously can’t stand it once it’s been cooked, baked, or altered in any way. So although pineapple is my all time fave, it does not belong on pizza!

Let me tell you all about this strangeness with today’s list:

Foods That I Dislike:

1. Pie/cobbler.

2. Cheese. Except Parmesan and mozzarella…those are okay.

3. Beans of any variety. They just feel odd when you squish them in your teeth.

4. Watermelon. Also feels really odd.

5. Most spicy foods. I just don’t particularly like for my mouth to be on fire.

6. White milk, but I flippin’ LOVE chocolate milk! I’m like a six-year-old when it comes to my chocolate milk! Nesquick is a staple in our kitchen.

7. Lasagna. Too messy.

8. Tomatoes. My dad actually calls tomatoes vile weeds!

There’s so much more, I’m sure, but I just can’t list it all. It really is embarrassing. I can’t tell you how many times people have teased me because I don’t like pie or watermelon. They think I’m weird. But, oh well! I guess I’m just weird.

What foods do you hate? Am I alone on a lot of these?


One thought on “31 Days of Lists – October 25

  1. I agree that watermelon has a funky texture! It’s like mushy, yet crunchy, grainy, and juicy… I never really thought about it! Haha.

    My husband is somewhat of a texture-eater as well! It’s why he refuses to eat tofu, and also the reason for why he doesn’t like “mixing” his food. Like if we’re eating curry and rice, or chili and rice. I like to mix it (I wanna make sure the ratio of sauce to rice is good!) but he thinks it’s disgusting. He also doesn’t like mayo, or anything that really resembles it: sour cream, whip cream, icing (he’ll eat VERY little icing or whip cream, otherwise he scrapes most of it off…). To each their own! 🙂


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