31 Days of Lists – October 23

I have some overlaps with today’s list and my list a few days ago, with people I’d like to trade lives with, but what can ya do?!

People I Want to Meet:

1. The Backstreet Boys

2. The Hemsworth boys (swoon!)

3. Oprah

4. Adam Lambert (we could be BFFs!)

5. Jennifer Lawrence (my other BFF)

6. Jared Padaleki and Jensen Ackles of “Supernatural.” I. Would. Die.

There’s more. I’d turn into a raving lunatic if I ever met any celebrity (I actually did meet NSYNC before they became wildly popular…I’ll have to dig up a photo), but these are some of my favorites!

Anybody that you’d love to meet? Or, maybe the better question is, who would you totally “fan-girl” over?


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