Another Awkward Conversation

You may remember my previous blog post, The Most Awkward Conversation I’ve EVER Had. If not, please read it. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Well, in normal Katie-fashion, I found myself in the midst of another awkward conversation with my brother recently.

At our family garage sale a few weeks back, I suddenly remembered this incredible Instagram account, @dilfs_of_disneyland! Oh. Em. Gee. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t wait to tell my sister.

So, I did. In front of my mom, my other sister and my 11-year-old brother…yikes.

I thought my mom was going to kill me, so I shut-up. Unfortunately, this happened:

“Wait…what’s a DILF?”

Oh dear gracious! If looks could kill, my mom’s death glare would have left me as a pile of ash! But, thank goodness, she’s quick on her feet, and she managed to come up with, “It means ‘dads I’d like to…flirt with…'”

This seemed satisfactory to him, and he soon forgot about the conversation and went on his way.

But, wow! I have a foot-in-mouth problem…anybody else share this issue? Or maybe got any good stories to share? I’d love to hear them!

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