31 Days of Lists – October 19

Okay, I don’t have a daughter, but when I found out I was pregnant I was certain that I was having a girl! So, of course, I had my list of girl names at the ready! Which makes today’s prompt easy-peasy:

My Favorite Girls’ Names:

1. Olivia Faye (if I ever have a daughter, this WILL be be her name!!)

2. Ruthie

3. Lilly

4. Roisin

5. Maeven/ Maven/ Maeve

6. Felicia

7. Evaline

8. Abigail

I tend towards traditional and Irish names. My husband likes all these “new” names, like Rainy and Stormy…eh, they’re cute, but I like to picture my future children’s résumés, with their names at the top in bold! If it seems too cutesy or silly, it’s not an option for me! (Do other people do that while thinking of baby names? Maybe I’m just weird…)


3 thoughts on “31 Days of Lists – October 19

  1. I love those names you listed. I think of the same thing. There are soo many cute little girl named but they grow up and have to use those same names. When I was pregnant I swore I was having a boy had names picked out, nursery room decor I wanted, everything boy. Well, we had a girl. I wanted a name that was super feminine, a name that could stand alone, and grow nicely with her. It took some convincing for my husband but when she was born he said she looks like a Carolina Mae. Perfect!:) If I have another girl I like Emerson Paige but that’s my dad’s middle name so maybe if it’s a boy I can go Charles Emerson.

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