31 Days of Lists – October 17

Okay, y’all, in case you want a reminder of what my daily prompts are, here’s the list again:


Today’s prompt is supposed to be, ‘Other Lives I’d Want to Live if I Had 9 Lives.’ Now, I thought that if you had multiple lives, you just got nine “re-dos” in case you bite the dust…so I guess this prompt is asking for nine people you’d trade lives with, given the chance? That’s how I’m reading it, anyways, so here goes:

Nine People I’d Trade Lives With (Temporarily):

1. Jennifer Lawrence

2. Oprah

3. Kristen Bell

4. P!nk

5. Beyoncé

6. Chris Hemsworth’s wife (haaa I love Thor)

7. Kristen Wiig

8. Any Poehler (so I could be Tina Fey’s BFF!!)

9. Meryl Streep

As awesome as all of these ladies are, I really do love my life. Even though my husband and I struggle financially, being one of the rich and famous wouldn’t make me happier than I am as a wife and mommy. My life here in Oregon is pretty awesome. I have a strong marriage and I have the most beautiful boy in the whole world! Any life-trading would be very temporary!


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