31 Days of Lists – October 16

‘Tis the season! Today’s list is perfect for the month of October! I’m supposed to make a list of Halloween costumes. But, as per usual, I’m changing it up. Instead, I’ll take you on a little trip down memory lane.

My Most Memorable Past Halloween Costumes:

1. Indian Princess

2. Black cat

3. Good witch

4. White cat

5. Sourceress

6. Cowgirl (3 years in a row!)

7. Minnie Mouse

I can’t wait for Halloween this year! I’m going to be dressing up, not only myself, but Owen, Marshall, and the dog as well! Marshall’s even going to take the day off from work so we can go daylight trick-or-treating! There will be a separate post soon about our outfits. Hint: They’re DIY!!

Also, I’m feeling much better today! This little sickness was not enough to knock this momma down!


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