31 Days of Lists – October 15

So, not only is Owen still not sleeping well, but I’m coming down with some sort of bug, and I’m feeling pretty icky today. I’m feeling way too fatigued for this list, but, let’s give it a go. The topic is, ‘Events I Wish I Could Time-Travel Back To,’ but I’m going to change it to just include events in my own life. Those moments that I look back on and think, “if only I knew…”

Events I Wish I Could Time-Travel Back To:

1. The week before my wedding. I’d tell myself to take a chill-pill, it’s all going to work out.

2. The moment in eighth grade that my adorable little sister told my crush I liked him. I freaked out. I was so stinkin’ shy and had zero self-confidence, but I would love to go back and just own it! And tell my poor younger self that there’s a way better guy out there, so don’t worry about this boy.

3. First kiss. Oh man, oh man…what a mess! It makes for a good story, though, hehe!

4. The time my sister and I lit a candle, waited for the wax to melt, blew the candle out, and drowned a goldfish cracker in the wax….I don’t know what we were thinking, but we got in serious trouble for that one…

5. My first trip to Disneyland!! I still remember bits and pieces of that trip (I was four), but I’d love to see what triggered my lifelong love of Disney! It must have been an awesome trip!

Okay folks, I spent all day on this one. I just kept coming back to it, and this is all I could come up with! I’m sorry for being so utterly lame the last few days! Hopefully I’ll feel better by tomorrow!


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