31 Days of Lists – October 11

Today’s list is Things I Miss. Which, unfortunately, means it’s probably going to have some sad moments. But, as always, I’ll mix in some funnies for ya! Please try to contain yourselves.

Things I Miss:

1. My grandpa

2. Overalls (according to my 15-year-old sister, they were always dorky and they are not making a comeback)

3. My doggy, Cheyanne

4. High school (seriously!!)

5. Being on my parents’ phone plan, health insurance, car insurance, etc.

6. Being pregnant

7. Disneyland (always)

8. Not having to cook my own dinners

9. Netflix/Hulu! We used to have it, but our internet is too slow at our new house 😦 boo!!

10. Living 2 minutes from a Dairy Queen!

11. A fast metabolism…for my frequent trips to Dairy Queen…

Oh my word, I’m such a sap! Okay, I really do miss my grandpa and my doggy a lot! I still cry sometimes when I think of them. And I have the strangest dreams of my grandpa. Whenever I dream about him I ask him why he’s here…why he isn’t in heaven…he always tells me that he just wanted to visit for a bit.

But, I needed a list. I racked my brain, but most things I came up with were things of my childhood, like “Sailor Moon” and my gameboy. But I don’t really miss those things, I just miss the feelings of childhood. But that’s kind of hard to list, isn’t it?

So, I went the silly route! In case you have been reading my blog but have somehow missed it, I usually tend to go the silly route. I don’t know why.

So tell me: do you miss certain aspects of childhood? Or do you miss something else?


3 thoughts on “31 Days of Lists – October 11

  1. My husband and I always reminisce about our childhoods! Your sister maaay be wrong about the overalls!! I see a lot of them in the stores and lots of girls are wearing them again. =] I kind of miss high school too… How carefree everything was and that eagerness to experience everything! I love your lists! =]


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