How Do Single Parents Do It?!

Let me start this by saying that I am not a single mom, nor would I ever actually compare a week without my husband to single life.

But, going a week without him has given me a whole new perspective and respect for single moms (and dads)! You guys work hard!

Marshall’s in Tennessee for the week for work, and it has been rough. On any given day, during a normal week, Marshall works until about 6 and gets home around 7. That’s a seriously long day with the baby. And, though I do love staying home with Owen, I find that by about 5 pm, I’m just counting down the minutes. Because, even though I’m exhausted from taking care of Owen all day, I know that I’ll get a much-needed break at 7.

But, man! Without Marshall here, I don’t get that break that I so desperately need! When I spend all day caring for the baby and the house, I then have to do some more. There’s no one else here to do it!

And what a week for him to be gone…

-Owen had his EUA on Monday, but Marshall left for Tennessee that morning.

-I had to take a shower with Owen sitting in his bouncy chair, because, quite frankly, I stunk bad and had nobody here to hold him.

-Owen had an unprecedented, hysterical fit on Tuesday night, which Marshall missed (thank God for his mother, who drove out to help me).

-And, to top it all off, we have some guys staying on our property this week (we live at a church camp), and I’m all by my lonesome with nobody to protect me! Although we do have a gun, and I do know how to shoot it…

I just don’t know how anybody could handle this stuff without a partner. I applaud all of you single moms and dads working hard for your kiddos! Like I said, my week without my husband doesn’t even compare, but I realize now how strong you have to be to do this job alone, and I am so grateful that I don’t have to.

Thank God we can always call our parents, right?!


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