Surgery for Owen

On Monday I took Owen up to OHSU for his EUA (exam under anesthesia). He had his surgery in August, an EUA in September, then the EUA this week. This week’s was different, though.

At his last EUA, Owen’s doctor said that his surgery on his right eye seemed to be successful! His eye was healing and looked exactly as it should!

But…now there was concern for the left eye.

I felt like I got a punch to the gut. Again. I was certain that this appointment would be no big deal. When we scheduled the next appointment, we scheduled enough time for the examination and for surgery. The idea was that they would re-examine the left eye, then perform surgery right then, if it appeared that glaucoma was, indeed, present in that eye.

Needless to say, we were asking for a lot of prayer. My baby had already gone through one surgery. I didn’t want him to go through another.

So, when the doctor came out to see us after only an hour with a huge smile on her face, I knew God had heard our prayers!

She informed us that they would not be doing surgery on the left eye, because it doesn’t seem to have any glaucoma! And, in fact, the right eye looked as if it had never had any glaucoma at all! He might not even need glasses (which, just a month earlier, was going to be a necessity)!

As a mom, the last thing you want is for your children to fall ill or need medical attention. But we were incredibly fortunate to have caught Owen’s glaucoma so early, and to have this outcome. God is amazing and He’s looking out for my handsome little man.


5 thoughts on “Surgery for Owen

  1. Oh how my heart is rejoicing with you!! I cannot imagine having to go through just one surgery, let alone a second. As cliche as it sounds, God is good!!!


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