My Letter For Sharla

My heart is heavy tonight.

After fighting for two years, you lost your battle with cancer. You fought a good fight. You were strong up to the end. But cancer…well, it sucks…

You were such a funny, wonderful woman. You were Marshall’s step-mom, but it was obvious to me that you loved him as your own child.

I first met you more than six years ago, and I liked you right away! You were hilarious! You were the kind of person to just tell it how it is, but never in a mean way. You were the kind of friend you go to when you need a reality check!

And you were just so laid-back. I love seeing family, but I really prefer to just see a few people at a time, and just chill in front of a movie. And that’s what we usually did with you and Alan. Granted, you were less active in the last two years, but even before the cancer struck, you were a great relaxation-buddy.

Marshall is very much like his dad. They tend to bottle up their feelings, even when they lose someone so close. But please know that he misses you, too. He loved you so much. And I loved you. And even though we expected this, it still hurts bad.

I’m praying that you’re with the Lord now. No longer in pain, watching over us. Rest in peace Sharla.


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