31 Days of Lists – October 6

For day 6 of my “31 Days of Lists” challenge, I’m to list off my pet peeves. My hope is that I’m not weird, and that some of you actually agree with me on some of these! If you read one and think, “Hey, I do that,” well…sorry, not sorry.

My pet peeves (not in order of most peevish):

1. Slow drivers

2. Saying “warsh” instead of “wash”

3. Actually, mispronunciation in general

4. People that I don’t know touching my baby (Seriously, folks! You don’t just touch people’s babies!)

5. People working in customer service wearing “unprofessional” clothing (i.e. shorts or yoga pants in the food industry…Big Town Hero, I’m calling you out!)

6. People who yell at cashiers, especially those who blame cashiers for price increases (waitresses, too)

7. When my husband washes one pair of jeans and says he ran a load of laundry for me

8. When my husband picks one or two items out of the wash to put in the dryer (he says he just needed to make sure those items got fully dried…)

9. People who end all sentences like they’re asking a question (valley-girl lingo)

10. People who put their phone conversations on “speaker” when they’re in a very public space

Okay, please say you agree with me! If you’re from the South/Midwest, I’ll forgive you for saying “warsh.” But as for the rest of these…ugh. Super annoying.

What would top your list of pet peeves? I’m really curious to see if I do something that bugs people!


3 thoughts on “31 Days of Lists – October 6

  1. I worked in the food industry (started as a cashier, then a server, and eventually an assistant manager) and I HATED when people would complain about prices! We’re a business! We’ve got bills to pay, people’s paychecks to sign, if we could charge you less don’t you think we would? And what made it worse, people thought just because I’m a young woman in a supervisory role that they could push me around and talk down to me! It’s like “look sir… I’m sorry that you think we’re too expensive… but no one would hate you for quietly going out the front door and finding somewhere that has prices you’re willing to pay. I do, however, hate people who want to make a scene and disrupt a dining room full of people who ARE willing to pay the prices that you are complaining about.” It’s so sad…

    And I just don’t think husbands understand our standards for completing chores. I feel you on all of those pet peeves…


    • I worked in fast food and then in retail, and some customers…oooh it took all that I had to keep my cool! I think that if you’ve worked in a position like that, you get it. If you haven’t, then you just don’t!


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