31 Days of Lists – October 5

Today’s list is an interesting one: My Fears! I’m only human, so I definitely have my share of fears (some rational, some not so much). You’ll also notice that there’s a bit of a theme with most of these.

Here’s my list of my fears:

1. Open water (I can drink water and shower, and I can swim in pools, but oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. really freak me out)

2. Sharks

3. Alligators/Crocodiles (I’be had so many nightmares about these suckers)

4. Basically, anything that might be in the water

5. Spiders

6. Public speaking

7. Heights

8. Losing my son

9. Demons (thank you “Paranormal Activity”)

10. Being home alone when it’s dark

Some of these may seem a bit silly or juvenile, but each and every one of these has caused many a panic attack. Phobias are strange. I’d love to hear about some of your phobias! Let me know what scares you in the comments!


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