Striving to Be As ‘Annoying’ As Candace Cameron

I honestly don’t know why I’m writing this. Maybe because I’m sleep-deprived and awake (again) at 2:30 am with Owen. Or, maybe, it’s just something that God needs me to write.

Whatever the reason, here it is: I want to be as annoyingly Christian as Candace Cameron.

Where did that come from? Well Candace recently posted an article entitled, “8 Most Outspoken (and Annoying) Christian Celebrities,” and she made it to the #1 spot! She, of course, didn’t take it as an insult, which was its purpose. She saw it as an opportunity to share her testimony.

When people think of Candace Cameron, “Christian” is the first thing that comes to mind. As I was reading, I thought, “Do people think ‘Christian’ when they think of me?”

I’d like to think so, but I’m not sure it’s the case.

I love Jesus. But I’m not outspoken about my love for Him. I think that when people think of me, they think that I’m kind, sweet, silly, feisty, etc. But do I convey to the world that I love the Lord?

I don’t want people to perceive me as annoying, but I want the world to know that I’m not ashamed of my faith. I want to live my faith. I want “Christian” to be something that comes to mind when people think of me.

Because, really, the reason I’m kind, sweet, silly, and feisty is because I have a relationship with Jesus.


One thought on “Striving to Be As ‘Annoying’ As Candace Cameron

  1. Interesting. I’m not sure that “Christian” is what comes to mind when I think of anyone. It’s important to remember that good or bad, labels from other people and the world are not what matters.

    I do agree that you are all the things you are, and so many more because of your walk with the Lord. When we realize how much He loves us, and how He sees us, we see ourselves that way too. We strive to be a little better each day than the day before. When you live your faith, His light that glows within you becomes increasingly bright to the outside world. Ultimately, you become an example of your faith for others, which is what He wants.


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