31 Days of Lists – October 3

Day 3 of the “31 Days of Lists Challenge” is asking for a list of “Things I’d Do if I Was Brave.”

1. Tell people how I really feel

2. Say “Hi” and strike up a conversation with someone new (this is soooo difficult for me!)

3. Go rock-climbing

4. Go crabbing off a boat instead of off the docks

5. Sing in front of an audience

What would you do if you were more brave?


One thought on “31 Days of Lists – October 3

  1. Awesome list! Yes, I would like to think that if I were more brave I’d tell people how I really feel, as well. I only hold back for one reason. Usually my feelings are very emotional and at those moments, I don’t find that I’m eloquent enough with my words not too totally destroy someone.


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