Mommy & Me Story Time

The local public library offers a Mommy & Me class on Wednesday mornings. Because I live out in the boonies with no neighbors, and all my friends are a long drive away, I’ve been searching for a way to connect with other mommies with kids Owen’s age. So, even though he’s only 5 months old, I decided to take him to story time!

And, boy, did we have fun! The lady who runs the class read five different books, and sang and danced with the kids! I clapped Owen’s hands for him and stomped his feet for him! He loved it!

I think his favorite part was watching the other kids! Babies are funny. They’re able to recognize and understand that other babies and kids are like them! A few of the toddlers came over and looked at Owen, and he was in heaven!

We’re going to try to go every week, now. Owen just had such a great time, and I really want to connect with the moms. I’m stoked that our little town offers something so fun for free!


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