31 Days of Lists: October 1

For the month of October, in addition to normal blog posts, I’ve decided to do the “31 Days of Lists Challenge!” Everyday this month I’ll write up a list for the given prompt!

I found a great list of prompts over at Beloved Bluebird’s blog!


So, today’s prompt is: Favorite sounds.

1. My baby’s laugh

2. The creek by our house

3. A really good rainstorm (while I’m inside, in the warmth)

4. The sound that the machines at the gates of Disneyland make when they scan your ticket

5. My phone notification when I have a new follower

6. A quiet car

7. My cat’s purrs

Let me know if you’ll be taking the “31 Days of Lists Challenge” with me this month!


2 thoughts on “31 Days of Lists: October 1

  1. I just finished my first round of 30 Days of Lists! It’s run by Amy and Kam, two bloggers! You should really check it out… They only do a few rounds every year but it was so much fun!


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