Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family For Less Than $25!

For Halloween this year, my family is doing coordinating costumes! And the best part is (apart from the cuteness), I dressed all four of us for under $25! How did I do this, you ask? DIY baby!!

I had sooo many ideas for family costumes, but I finally settled on a hive of bumblebees (me, Owen, and the dog) and our beekeeper (Marshall)!

In this post, I’ll show you how I costumed all four of us on the cheap:

The Beekeeper:


Marshall works with a ton of different chemicals, so he has these suits at work! He just asked to borrow one for the day! It was clean, of course, and just what we needed.

The hat was part cheap/part DIY. I bought the white hard hat for $3 at Goodwill. I then bought a yard of black toole, worth $1.39, and hot-glued it around the edge of the hat.

Final cost = $4.39

First Bumblebee:


I looked high and low for a cheap doggy costume, but I just couldn’t find one for an affordable price. So, I took to Ebay and found a great doggy costume, size large, for only $7.98 shipped! What a steal!

Final cost = $7.98

Second Bumblebee:


Owen’s bumblebee costume was purchased at Goodwill for $4! It’s a 6-12 month size, so it fits him perfectly! Plus, it’s in excellent condition with no rips, tears or stains! I highly recommend checking out Goodwill’s costume section before going to Walmart or Target.

Final cost = $4

Third Bumblebee:


The only bumblebee costumes I could find at Goodwill were for little girls, and the only ones at Walmart and Target were a bit revealing for my taste.

Not to fret! I found a very pretty set of yellow wings at Goodwill for $3, so I scooped them up! I bought a pair of black fleece-lined leggings for $6, and already own a black long-sleeve tee. I also have black boots that’ll be nice for the rain. My sister was selling her size small (in kids’ sizes) bee costume at our garage sale in September, so I bought it from her for $1! I had to do some minor adjustments (removed the zipper and added elastic, which I already owned), but I made it work!



I went to Walmart and bought a bag of black pipe-cleaners for $.87 and a bag of yellow Pom-poms for $1. I already own a black headband. I bent the pipe-cleaners around the headband, then hot-glued the Pom-poms to the ends. My antennae are done! What a simple DIY costume!

Final cost = $11.87

Thanks to Goodwill, Ebay, and some DIY, we managed to dress our whole family for Halloween! And it only cost us $25.24! Okay, so I went a bit over $25, but man, I’m good!!

Has your family ever worn coordinating costumes? Do you DIY your costumes?

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Why We Use Cloth Diapers

We are a cloth diapering family.


I had no idea people even used cloth diapers anymore, until I became pregnant and started researching everything. In my studies, I stumbled across some mommy-blogs all about cloth diapering, and I was pretty intrigued!

Turns out, the diapers these days are pretty advanced, and you can use cloth without worrying about poking your precious one with a safety pin! There are people who choose to use diapers that require folding, pinning, and covering, but I’ve chosen the velcro/snaps route. They are, in my opinion, way easier for daddy and caretakers to use when I’m not around for diaper changes.

In fact, they are so easy to use, that I would say that they’re just as easy as disposables! You just have the added steps of washing and folding, but even that becomes super simple once you get used to it.

When I first realized that people still used cloth diapers, and that they’re so easy to use, I went back and forth for months trying to decide if they were right for us. I did eventually decide to go with the cloth diapers, but only after doing as much research as I could, and, of course, making a pros vs. cons list!


1. Totes adorbs. Cloth diapers come in such a wide array of colors and patterns, you don’t even need to dress your sweetie in pants/bloomers! Just wear a cute top to match the undies, and you’re set!

2. Good for the environment. Fact: my poop is still sitting in disposable diapers in some landfill out there…gross! Those things just don’t die! Ever! And considering how many you go through from birth to potty-training, disposable diapers make up an enormous percentage of the world’s garbage.

3.Fewer diaper rashes. Because cloth diapers aren’t filled with chemicals to keep your baby’s bottom dry, your little one will get fewer rashes! In the five months we’ve used cloth, Owen has only had a handful of rashes, each of which occurred while we were using disposables! Not a single rash while wearing disposables!

4. Financially economical. Despite their hefty prices upfront, you’ll actually save a ton of money in the long run. One Bumgenius diaper cost about $22-$25, but will last you all the way through potty-training. If you take good care of your diapers, you may even be able to use them with more than one child!

5. NO BLOWOUTS! This, in my opinion, is the best reason to use cloth. Owen has had two blowouts. Both in disposable diapers. While he’s been in cloth, he’s had a few nasty moments, but no poop leaks! I’ve been seriously surprised a few times, too.


1. Diaper laundry. It’s really not terrible, once you get into the swing of things, but you’re still washing poop-catchers!

2. Daycare providers and relatives may have a difficult time with cloth. Once you get the hang of folding and using them, they’re easy. But it does take practice. You’ll need to help anyone watching your baby, and offer a “how-to.”

3. You can’t just toss ’em! If you’re out and about and your little one fills his britches, you gotta carry that around with you all day. Wet bags are great at concealing the smell and keeping your diaper bag clean, but people might look at you funny when you tell them you’re carrying around poop in a bag.

4. Difficult to travel with. Any time we go somewhere overnight, we just end up using disposables. It’s no big deal if we’re just out for the day, but overnight? No thank you. That’s way too many dirty diapers to carry around with us all day.

So there you have it! Even with the cons, we chose to cloth diaper. In my opinion, the pros far outweigh the cons.

If you think you might like to try cloth diapers, but feel clueless as to where to begin, I highly recommend heading here for more info! At this link, you’ll be able to find absolutely everything you need!

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A Quarter of a Century

My husband’s birthday was yesterday. He’s 25! I can’t believe it. It seems weird that he’s that old! Maybe because I met him when he was only 16?

Wow. Have we really known each other for that long?

I remember when he first came to my school. It was sophomore year, and Ms. Reister assigned his seat between me and my best friend, Lauren. He had us cracking up every day in biology! I had a crush on him right away, but we didn’t begin dating until senior year.


Our first date was February 2, 2008. We went to our school’s masquerade ball together. The theme was fairy tales, so he went as a prince and I was a fairy! A few days later, we made things official.

It seems like just yesterday, but here he is, a quarter of a century old. My husband. My provider. My son’s father. What a guy! Happy Birthday, my love!

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Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday we took Owen to a nearby pumpkin patch! Actually, it was about a forty-minute drive, but Bose Family Farm is the only pumpkin patch in our area open on Sundays. We had a great time!


They have several areas set up to take photos, so we took advantage and snapped a few shots of Owen. We couldn’t get him to look at the camera, though, because he was just too interested in everything else!

After we took some cute photos, we headed out into the pumpkin patch to find a few small pumpkins. We ended up deciding to buy some tiny pumpkins from the farm stand up front instead of from the patch, but before we left the patch we got some more good shots of Owen.


Once we got back to the front to buy our tiny pumpkins, I realized I made a huge boo-boo…the $20 I slipped into my pocket had fallen out! I guess it fell when I took my phone from my pocket to take pictures. I was so bummed! We retraced our steps, but it was long gone.

So, we ended up just leaving without the pumpkins. So sad. But, all was not lost! I’m very happy with the photos we got, and I can’t wait to get them printed!

Here’s my favorite photo from Sunday:


I ended up going to Walmart on Monday and I bought a bag of five tiny pumpkins and a couple pie pumpkins to decorate with. I probably spent more than I would have at the pumpkin patch, but oh well. I’m just happy to finally have some decorations for Fall!

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Throwback Thursday: That One Time I Was Minnie Mouse


For two years, I worked as a cashier (and, later, a supervisor) at an ACE Hardware/Hi-School Pharmacy (strange combo, I know). Two Halloweens back, I went to work as Minnie Mouse! Probably one of my greatest costumes.

I wore a black long-sleeve tee, black tights, red shorts, a black belt, black sneakers, a red necklace, and my ears! Throw on some black liquid liner and red lipstick, and there you have it! I loved it, because I was able to work in it, I didn’t freeze to death, and it wasn’t overly skimpy (though my shorts were pretty short 😉 ). Perfect outfit!

I had such a blast while I worked there. My co-workers were awesome people, and seeing these old photos really makes me miss that place!

When I Found Out I Was Pregnant

I found out I was pregnant back in August, 2013. I had been suspicious for about a week, but I had taken two home pregnancy tests and both were negative!

Lucky for me, my annual exam was scheduled for August. While I was in my Gyno’s office, I mentioned that I thought I might be pregnant. She ordered me a blood test for that day.

I remember her telling me, as she did my breast exam, that I had great breasts for breastfeeding, which might come in handy soon!

Ummm, thanks? Haa!

After getting my blood drawn, I headed to see my mom in Portland. I don’t remember why, but I had my brother with me in the car. As we were driving and chatting, I got a call from my doctor’s office.

And my heart began racing.

I turned the volume down on my phone, and tried to keep my cool. I didn’t want my brother knowing what was up.

My doctor told me that my test was positive, and that she guessed that I was about four weeks along. She told me to call the office and schedule an appointment for four weeks out.

I hung up and sat in awe for a second, driving in silence. I glanced over at my brother. I thought to myself that I needed to tell my husband before anyone else, but, instead, I word-vomited.

“Wanna know a secret??” I asked, with a huge, silly grin. “I’m pregnant!”

Ahhhh! What excitement! It was completely unplanned, and I was freaked! My entire life changed that day.

And my brother loves that he was the first to know 😉 What a great uncle!

How did you find out you were pregnant? Have you ever had a pregnancy test give you a false reading?

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Another Awkward Conversation

You may remember my previous blog post, The Most Awkward Conversation I’ve EVER Had. If not, please read it. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Well, in normal Katie-fashion, I found myself in the midst of another awkward conversation with my brother recently.

At our family garage sale a few weeks back, I suddenly remembered this incredible Instagram account, @dilfs_of_disneyland! Oh. Em. Gee. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t wait to tell my sister.

So, I did. In front of my mom, my other sister and my 11-year-old brother…yikes.

I thought my mom was going to kill me, so I shut-up. Unfortunately, this happened:

“Wait…what’s a DILF?”

Oh dear gracious! If looks could kill, my mom’s death glare would have left me as a pile of ash! But, thank goodness, she’s quick on her feet, and she managed to come up with, “It means ‘dads I’d like to…flirt with…'”

This seemed satisfactory to him, and he soon forgot about the conversation and went on his way.

But, wow! I have a foot-in-mouth problem…anybody else share this issue? Or maybe got any good stories to share? I’d love to hear them!

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