Month Four = A Month of Discovery!


One of the things I love most about staying home with my son is being able to watch him watch the world. Everything he’s seeing is brand new and exciting!! Things that, to me, are just boring, everyday things, are things he’s never experienced! They’re anything but boring to him.

The fourth month has been so exciting for both of us! It’s truly been a month of discovery! He’s become an expert roller. He learned how to blow bubbles. He’s realized that daddy’s beard is really funny! And he’s discovered the cat and dog.

His face just lights up when he sees something new!

This week, while practicing sitting up, the cat came over to sit by us. And immediately, Owen lunged for him! I braced myself, thinking I’d be consoling a crying baby and cleaning up an owie, but to everyone’s delight, the cat sat still! He just watched as Owen dug his chunky little fingers into his fur and pulled!

And then there’s daddy’s beard. I’m sure Owen has noticed it before, but now he’s begun to pet it! He likes to grab Marshall’s face on either side, and kiss him! I think he likes the texture of fur/hair. Every time he pets daddy, the cat, or the dog, he busts out the giggles!!

It brings me such joy to experience these things with him. I can’t remember the last time that I truly noticed something for the first time. From my perspective, a dog is just a dog. A beard is just a beard. But to Owen, this whole big world is brand new! His childish perspective is just beautiful.

I can’t wait to see what the coming months bring for us!


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