What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag

When you’re getting ready to welcome your precious little bundle into the world, getting your bags packed can be an exciting move.

I was asked recently if I had any advice on what is actually necessary to pack in your hospital bag. I’m a notorious over-packer, so I packed way too much in my bags. But, now that I’ve experienced giving birth outside of my home, I have a much better idea of what I’ll need the next time around.

So here’s what you really need to pack in your hospital bag:

1. Your normal, get-ready stuff. This includes a hairbrush, hair-ties, a toothbrush, makeup, and whatever else you need to feel human again.

2. An oversized tee or nightgown. While I was recovering from my c-section, the last thing I wanted was to wear the yoga pants and t-shirt that I packed, or the gross hospital gown given me.

So my mom headed to Walmart and bought me a couple nightgowns. They weren’t the most flattering things in the world, but they were more comfy than pants, less revealing than the hospital gowns, and really easy to slip over my shoulders. Because I was learning how to nurse my son during my hospital stay, something that was easy to slip off was a necessity.

3. A phone charger. Seriously, even if you’re not updating your Facebook constantly, you will be taking hundreds of photos of your newest addition. You’ll need your charger. Better get an extra long one, too, so it’ll reach your bed.

4. Just ONE onesie, ONE hat, and ONE receiving blanket. The hospital has receiving blankets to use during your stay, so you just need one to bring baby home in. And, unless you really feel the need to dress your baby each day of your stay, you just need one cute outfit and hat to bring baby home in.

The hospital will also provide diapers, wipes, a nose bulb, and a pacifier. You can even bring the nose bulb and pacifier home with you! So don’t worry about bringing these things.

5. Padsicles! These handy little things will provide so much relief after a vaginal delivery. Just buy some long pads, cover them in aloe and witch hazel (get the kind with NO alcohol), and freeze them. You’ll need enough to last a few weeks, but only bring a couple to the hospital with you.

The witch hazel will help to heal a tear or episiotomy. The cold aloe will just feel really good!

6. Cheap, large undies and overnight pads. You’ll want regular pads, in addition to your padsicles. And you’ll need large underwear to fit easily over the pads. I would suggest a cheap 6-pack of granny-panties, because they’ll probably be ruined rather quickly.

7. Slippers/socks. Your feet and legs may be swollen after delivery, but you’ll need to use the restroom and walk the halls. With your swollen limbs, something that you can easily slip on and off will be essential.

8. Lanolin cream. Nursing doesn’t come easy to many moms and babies, and, often times, you’ll end up feeling chapped. Trust me, you want the lanolin cream!

9. Your favorite pillow and blanket. This one’s not a necessity. I didn’t have my pillow or blanket and I got along just fine. But, looking back, I do think I would have been more comfortable with these things.

10. Don’t forget about daddy. Remember, you’re not the only one who won’t be sleeping/showering, so pack him a few changes of clothes, pajamas, and his get-ready stuff. Maybe even his favorite pillow, since he won’t get his own bed, like you.

My hubby had to sleep on the sofa in the hospital room, and I didn’t think to bring him his own pillow, so he was incredibly uncomfortable. I think I’ll even spoil him next time and snag his fave blanket.

And keep in mind, once you give birth your family will get you anything you need! You don’t need to stress out about what’s in your hospital bag. If you forget something important, your family will go to your house or to the store for you.

What do you think? Did I leave anything off the list?


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