The Greatest Band of All Time

A little over 20 years ago, 5 boys from Florida came together to form what would be known as the greatest band ever. The boys? Nick, Brian, AJ, Howie, and Kevin. The band? The Backstreet boys.

That’s right, folks. I’m a BSB fanatic. And I’m not ashamed!

My love for the Backstreet Boys began when I was just four years old. My mom and aunt were obsessed, so I was exposed to their music young.

I own all of their music, I’ve been to several of their concerts, and even own a DVD of one of their concerts. I used to watch it every night, and I’m pretty sure I can still bust out all the dance moves.

Over the years, they just kept putting albums out. And you know what? People were eating it up! And why wouldn’t they? It was the 90s, baby! We were crazy about boys harmonizing while wearing matching jumpsuits! Some of us still are.

The music scene has changed, and boy bands have, quite unfortunately, gone out of style. But that didn’t stop my boys.

Over the years, they’ve released more albums (some awesome, some just okay), lost Kevin, toured with the New Kids on the Block, regained Kevin, and put out the best album I’ve heard ever, ‘In a World Like This.’

Seriously folks, if you’re not sure about their new music, start with that album. You’ll fall in love with them all over again.

It seems that boy bands are making a comeback, though, these days. With bands like the Wanted and One Direction, I have hope for my boys. Maybe people will, once again, realize just how freakin’ awesome they are.



2 thoughts on “The Greatest Band of All Time

  1. Lauren Beeghly says:

    This post made me miss you that much more! I immediately get
    “I’d try to go on like I never knew you
    I’m awake but my world is half asleep
    I pray for this heart to be unbroken
    But without you all I’m going to be is INCOMPLETE….” stuck in my head. don’t judge- but HS freshman flashbacks all the way..

    Liked by 1 person

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