5 Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

There are many wonderful things about being pregnant, but unwanted comments aren’t one of them. It’s like people see a pregnant woman and all manners go out the window! Here’s a list of the worst comments and questions I actually received while pregnant:


Wow! I would have thought you were farther along than that!

Um…I’m not really sure how to respond…are you calling me fat?!


Sleep now, while you still can!

Yeah, because I’m getting so much sleep now, what with my aching back and acid reflux...


Babes, you’re so….pregnant!!

That’s right, folks. My husband actually said this to me.


So was this a surprise?

Okay, technically my son was a surprise, but is it really your business? I mean, we were married when we conceived, both graduated from college, both employed. Does it matter if he was a surprise? We’re capable of handling this, I swear!


You look like you’re about to pop!

Yes, I know. And you’re the tenth person to tell me so today!


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