Why ‘Sleep When the Baby Sleeps’ is Terrible Advice


The number one piece of advice that I received before Owen arrived was to sleep when he sleeps.

I was certain that I would be able to, despite not being a huge napper, because I was anticipating the whole ‘no sleep’ thing.

Since Owen has arrived, however, I’ve decided that I will never give that particular piece of advice to an expectant mom.

Here’s why:

1. Like I said, I’m not big on taking naps. Never have been. Even in college, when all three of my roommates were silently snoozing midday, I was either listening to music or surfing the web. It doesn’t matter how dog-tired I am. I can’t nap.

I assumed it would change once I became a mom. I assumed the exhaustion would overcome me. But it hasn’t. Instead, I’ve just adjusted to being in a constant haze.

2. If I slept when he slept, how the heck would I get anything done around the house?!

I do practice baby-wearing occasionally, but during these summer months, Owen and I are much more comfortable when we’re not strapped together.


So since it’s too hot to wear him, nap time, for me, is chore time! Between all of the many burp rags covered in curdled milk, and the cloth diapers covered in crap, I have a ton of laundry to get done. I literally do laundry Every. Single. Day. No joke.

Then there’s the dishes, the sweeping, and the general de-cluttering. I’m too busy to nap.

3. I may be a mom, but I still need some ‘me’ time. When I’m not doing chores during nap time, I’m spending my time doing pretty much nothing.

Momma needs some time to empty her brain!

I surf the net. I zone out to old ‘Bones’ and ‘Law and Order: SVU’ episodes. I attempt to get some crafting done. Basically, I take some time to not be a mom (no matter how much I truly love it).

So there you have it. Why I just cannot justify giving moms-to-be that dumb piece of advice!

If you happen to be blessed with great napping skill, good for you. If not? It’s okay, ‘Bones’ is on TNT all day, everyday. You’re welcome.


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