Stripping Cloth Diapers

This weekend, I had my first experience stripping our cloth diapers. We’ve been using cloth for about four months now, but for the past week or so, I’ve noticed that even the clean diapers have a bit of stink to them! Nasty!

So I looked up how to strip them. I’d heard of doing this, but it’s something I managed to avoid for four months. It just seemed way too complicated! But this website walked me right through it.

There are many options for stripping your cloth diapers, but I went with the blue Dawn method (because I already had some blue Dawn at the house). And it worked! The diapers are smelling fresh again, and it only took a few hours out of my weekend to achieve!

First, I washed the diapers, so we could start with clean cloth. Then, I added one little drop of blue Dawn dish soap, and began a rinse/spin (I have a top loader, by the way). I then kept doing rinse/spins until there were no more suds! Easy peasy!

HOWEVER, I think I’m going to purchase some Oxiclean or BacOut and add a scoop to my normal wash routine. I’m hoping that will help keep the bacteria dead and dead, which will keep the stink away. This way, I can continue to avoid stripping my diapers.

If you use cloth diapers, have you ever had to strip them? Which method do you prefer?


Garage Sale Weekend

Well, we had a garage sale this weekend! The hubbs and I spent hours going through all of our junk in the house, and I brought it all to my mom’s house over two weeks. I then got to her house on Thursday afternoon, for a Saturday sale.

Owen and I slept in with my mom on Thursday. On Friday, we got up early, got our coffee, and started pricing!

I can’t even tell you how much junk we had. The garage was full! My sister, mom, brother and I all contributed. And my contributions were accumulated over 4+ years!

All in all, it was pretty successful! We priced things to sell (cheap!!), so we made a grand total of about $300! Not bad, if I do say so myself. What didn’t sell was promptly donated to Goodwill.

It was a long and tiring weekend, but so worth it! Though, I really hope we don’t have to have another sale for a very long time.


Throwback: San Diego Zoo


I’ve been to California several times a year, over my entire lifetime, but I’ve only been to the San Diego Zoo once. This photo is from that trip.

The Lion King was (and dare I say, still is) my favorite movie, and Timon was, of course, the greatest character! I had a stuffed Timon doll, and begged my grandparents for a real meerkat every Christmas!

So, while most kids are excited to see the larger animals at zoos, I was crazy with anticipation at meeting these little cuties. Our zoo doesn’t have meerkats, so I thought it was just the coolest that they were at the San Diego Zoo.

And can I just point out my amazing Disney overall shorts?! Wow. This week’s throwback is filled with all sorts of awesomeness. ’90s for the win!

Who’s Body is This? Learning to Love My Post-partum Body

While pregnant, I was under no illusion that my body would remain unchanged after the birth of my son.

I knew that my boobs would look different. I knew that even after giving birth, I’d still look 5 months along. I knew that I should give myself at least 9 months to take the weight off, because, after all, it took 9 months to put it on!

But now that I’m actually living in this body, I realize how unprepared I was.

I was not prepared for these feelings of self-consciousness. I didn’t realize that I would miss my old body so much. I didn’t know that this new body would cause such strain in my marriage.

My son will be five months old this week, and I am just now starting to get on good terms with this new body. At first, I hated myself. I hated my scar. I hated my stretch marks. I hated that my belly and belly button looked nothing of their old selves.

I thought I was ugly. I couldn’t wear any of my old clothes. I didn’t want my husband to touch my new, flabby body. I cried a lot.

It’s only been very recently that I’ve stopped being so hard on myself. I’m beginning to accept my scar. My rolls are starting to lessen, and the weight is slowly starting to drop. I’m not exactly crazy about these stretch marks, but to be honest, I will always have my insecurities. I will, most likely, always be self-critical. It’s my burden of womanhood.

My love life is back on track, after nearly five months. It took me all this time to be comfortable with Marshall again. I wasn’t sure that he would still find me beautiful or desirable.

But he does, and I hope that one day I can also see myself as beautiful and desirable. Stretch marks and all.

Daddy Stayed Home Today!

Today Marshall woke up with some terrible tummy troubles. So he called his boss and stayed home with us!

This is a busy time of year for Marshall, and he’s usually gone for about twelve hours a day. That’s a long time to have no help with the baby! And this past week has been especially rough, with a ton of extra spit-up and fussiness. So when Marshall said he was staying home, I said a silent ‘thank you!’

I don’t like that his tummy hurt…but I also don’t like getting all of the spit-up.

I can’t even believe how much I was able to get done! I got the diapers washed and folded, then did an additional five loads of laundry (!!!), got the dishes done, cleaned out the hall closet, cooked dinner, and even got some stuff together for our upcoming garage sale!

All because the hubby was there to hold the fussy little puke-machine! (Whom I love dearly)

I got a lot done, which is awesome. But I’m mostly thankful that my hubby was able to get a taste for what it’s like to be home with Owen all day. He works so hard, but it’s a very different kind of work than what I do. And, though he loves that I’m home with Owen, I also feel that he really doesn’t understand what it is that I do all day.

Being unable to do anything because your crying baby needs you isn’t that fun. I do love being home with Owen, but it seriously agitates the ol’ OCD to watch helplessly as the laundry and dishes pile up around me.

The other day, I turned on the box fan and an enormous dust-bunny flew out from under the couch. As I rocked Owen to sleep, I pretended I didn’t see it. Who has time for dust-bunnies when baby needs mommy?

So, to have the hubbs here with me all day, witnessing the chaos, was pretty nice. He even made a few comments about how much I seemed to be able to get done when there was someone around to help me.

I realize that he has to work, and therefore has to be gone during the week. But it’s nice to know that he’s realizing how hard I have to work, too.

And how many outfits I go though in a day…

Needless to say, he got a big ‘thank you’ from me for all of his hard work today. 😉

Month Four = A Month of Discovery!


One of the things I love most about staying home with my son is being able to watch him watch the world. Everything he’s seeing is brand new and exciting!! Things that, to me, are just boring, everyday things, are things he’s never experienced! They’re anything but boring to him.

The fourth month has been so exciting for both of us! It’s truly been a month of discovery! He’s become an expert roller. He learned how to blow bubbles. He’s realized that daddy’s beard is really funny! And he’s discovered the cat and dog.

His face just lights up when he sees something new!

This week, while practicing sitting up, the cat came over to sit by us. And immediately, Owen lunged for him! I braced myself, thinking I’d be consoling a crying baby and cleaning up an owie, but to everyone’s delight, the cat sat still! He just watched as Owen dug his chunky little fingers into his fur and pulled!

And then there’s daddy’s beard. I’m sure Owen has noticed it before, but now he’s begun to pet it! He likes to grab Marshall’s face on either side, and kiss him! I think he likes the texture of fur/hair. Every time he pets daddy, the cat, or the dog, he busts out the giggles!!

It brings me such joy to experience these things with him. I can’t remember the last time that I truly noticed something for the first time. From my perspective, a dog is just a dog. A beard is just a beard. But to Owen, this whole big world is brand new! His childish perspective is just beautiful.

I can’t wait to see what the coming months bring for us!


Throwback: Grandpa and Some Sweet Shades


This week’s throwback goes out to my amazing grandpa. The world lost this awesome man back in March of 2004. He was one of my favorite people in the whole world. The thought of my son never knowing him brings tears to my eyes. I miss him so much.

But when I see pictures like this one, I can’t help but laugh. I’m reminded of how funny and sweet and just plain silly he was! He used to do Goofy’s and Donald’s voices to make us laugh. He loved playing Super Mario. And he loved his girls more than life itself.