10 Ways to Pass the Time While Stuck in Traffic

It’s unlikely that if you’re able to drive, you’ve never been stuck in a traffic jam. For some people, stop-and-go traffic is a daily struggle, and I understand the frustration that arises when you’re just not moving. Next time you’re stuck in traffic, why don’t you give one of these a try! I’m really excited to try these out for myself 😉

1. People-watch.

2. Make creepy faces at your car-neighbors.

3. Run a Chinese fire drill.

4. Clean out your purse!

5. If you keep makeup in your car, give yourself a make-over!

6. Blast your music and encourage your car-neighbors to sing along

7. Play the games on this list with your kids.

8. Watch some Hulu on your phone!

9. Play rock-paper-scissors with your car-neighbors.

10. Record a ‘Frozen’ lip-synch video!


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