10 Signs that You’ve Crossed into Adulthood

Today I found a grey hair on my head. Let me restate that: Today I found another grey hair on my head. Have I mentioned that I’m only 23?


My mother started going grey in her early twenties, as well, so it really shouldn’t shock me to find that I’ve been blessed with such awesome genetics. All I could think when I plucked that hair, though, was, “I’m so OLD!” Which is false. But I felt it in the moment. Though, it did get me thinking about about my age and where I am vs. where I’ve been, etc. And I thought, “When the heck did I become a real-life grown-up??”

It seems like just yesterday I was learning to drive, cramming for tests, running for student council, and flirting with my crush. Even in college, when I was technically an adult, I didn’t really feel like I was grown-up. I ate unhealthy amounts of ramen and donuts, crammed for more tests, stayed up way too late, and made out with my boyfriend.

So when did this whole grown-up thing happen? Hard to say, exactly, but I’ve compiled a list of 10 signs that it may have happened to you, as well.

  1. You have bawled like a baby at the sight of your bank account. I did this pre-adulthood, but it hurts sooo much worse when you’ve got a car payment and student loans.
  2. You have random aches and pains that were nonexistent just a few years ago. You may even be besties with your chiropractor.
  3. You get offended when some punk teenager calls you “dude.”
  4. Speaking of punk kids, you begin to think that the new music they’re listening to just plain sucks, and the music you listened to in high school (and probably still listen to) was so much cooler. BSB for life!!
  5. You consider getting 6-7 hours of sleep an amazing accomplishment, when you used to sleep for 10 hours at a time (and you were still tired, somehow).
  6. You’ve done your own taxes and worried the whole time about being audited, and wondering if you should have just paid someone to do them. You then ended up doing them yourself, because you’re a grown-up, dammit!
  7. You buy toilet paper and paper towels in bulk to save a buck.
  8. You are more excited to buy your kids (or pets, if you’re one of those) new clothes, than buy new clothes for yourself. Or, if you’re a freak like me, your money is flowing down the cloth-diaper-drain.
  9. You have fond memories of the good ol’ days of spending your weekends at the lake with friends. Now your weekends are filled with chores and running errands.
  10. You coupon to not only save money, but for the cheap thrill.

Add your grey hairs to all of that, and I’d say you’re officially a big ol’ grown-up! What would you add to my list? Was there a specific moment that you realized you were no longer a kid? Let me know in the comments!

*Note: I purposefully left things like “you’re married” and “you have a kid” off of this list, because you aren’t necessarily a grow-up if you’ve done these things (though they do have a way of forcing you to grow up a bit).


2 thoughts on “10 Signs that You’ve Crossed into Adulthood

  1. Bri says:

    11. Genuine excitement (some may even say thrill) over having your carpets shampooed.

    12. When sometimes staying home on a Friday night is better than going out.


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