He’s got you wrapped around his finger! (And other things I wish people would stop saying)

My baby is just under four months old. Thus far, I have been in the practice of taking care of his every need. This means that every stinkin’ time he cries, I go to him and try to remedy the situation. We do not let him ‘cry it out.’

Unfortunately, there are many people in my life that like to say that I’m spoiling him. My biggest pet peeve is when someone says something to the effect of, “Well, he’s certainly got you figured out, doesn’t he!”

I happen to subscribe to several parenting websites that send me weekly updates about baby (“your baby at 15 weeks, 16 weeks, etc.), such as The Bumpand Everyday Family. Today’s email from Everyday Family had this to say:

Will too much attention “spoil” my baby?

You may have been wondering if attending to your baby’s every little cry will “spoil” him. There is a simple answer to this question… NO!

Young infants need all the attention that you can give them. Infants cry to communicate needs, and by responding to their cries, you are strengthening your bond and building trust. In fact, infants without an attentive caregiver experience stress and will cry more often, louder, and longer. Children feel secure because their needs are consistently met early in life. These children feel less anxious, and safe to explore their environment as they grow.

When your infant is six to eight months old, she’ll begin to notice the connection between her actions and your response. When this begins to happen, it’s okay for you to start setting some limits. But for now, don’t worry about spoiling her, or paying too much attention to her, it’s impossible!

I actually saved this page so that I can pull it up the next time someone strokes my pet peeve.

Some other things I hate hearing, now that I’m a mom, include:

Well since you don’t work, could you do w, x, y and z for me today?


When my baby was that age he did this, that and the other…

Just no.

He looks cold! Where are his socks?!

My parents are guilty of this one! I have to constantly remind them that it’s summer…

I don’t have any kids…but I have a puppy, so I feel like I have a kid!

……..Are you effing kidding me right now??

I, of course, always reply with kindness, but I gotta say, sometimes it’s hard to keep my lips zipped!

What are some things that people say about parenthood/your parenting style that bother you?


3 thoughts on “He’s got you wrapped around his finger! (And other things I wish people would stop saying)

  1. Bri Smith says:

    Absolutely love this…gotta love unsolicited advice! I want to see a post about things that you wish people would have stopped saying/doing when you were preggers. Lol

    The best way to respond is with the knowledge behind your decisions, just like you do 🙂 And praying for patience not to punch the people…lol


  2. Awesome!! My mother in law would chime in with ” well I never did that and my son turned out fine”. I’m thinking yeah, um we know a lot more now since its nit 1975!!! 😉


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