Throwback: Little Sister

My younger sister, Bri, is my best friend. We have been partners in crime since my parents first brought her home 22 years ago. They also began matching our clothes as soon as she was out of onesies, which makes looking through old photos so fun.
We definitely hit a rough spot in our relationship in middle and high school, but became extremely close after I began college.
As kids, we spent a lot of time outside. The house that this picture was taken at had railroad tracks out back. We spent many hours playing on and around the tracks, as well as exploring the fields behind the house.
As adults, we spend hours on the phone together. We vent to each other, talk about our dreams, encourage each other, and give reality checks when necessary. It saddens me to hear of siblings that don’t get along, or don’t even like each other. I would be devastated if we could not have the relationship that we do.
My sister is a constant blessing to me, which is why this Throwback Thursday is all about her!


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