Camping With a Baby: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We took Owen camping for the first time this weekend. Let me tell ya, camping with a four-month-old is interesting. We had a wonderful time, but I was so happy to have my family there to help out!

Owen is, overall, a pretty easy-going baby. He did really good on this trip. The only time he was truly unhappy was while he was wearing his infant life jacket. We took a boat to our campsite, so this was a necessity.

He hated it.

But I have to say, I was very happy with the life jacket we chose, and felt really comfortable taking Owen on the boat, as long as he was wearing it. It has a floaty part behind his head, which ensures that the baby will float face-up, in case anything were to happen.

Little Man in his life jacket

Little Man in his life jacket

Because it was hot, hot, hot, and we were camping right on the lake, we, of course, had to go swimming.

Owen was in a rash guard shirt, a swim diaper, a bucket hat, and baby sunscreen. As he’s never been in the water (outside of the bath) or spent much time in the sun, I was extra careful with him. I actually bought a baby floaty that holds both baby and mommy, to make sure he was constantly supervised, but also able to have fun. It took me a while to get in, so aunty Bri swam with Owen.

Aunty Bri and Owen

Aunty Bri and Owen

He didn’t like it. Ha! His face was priceless when he felt the cool water! He didn’t cry, thank goodness, but he definitely didn’t laugh…or even smile! He had a perma-grimace the whole time. But, like I said, he didn’t cry. So we rolled with it!

Around the campfire he did great! I wore an Off! clip-on insect repellant, which kept us both safe from the mosquitos. I can happily report that both of us returned home from this trip bite-free! If you can find a coupon, these are so worth the buy.

The only sucky part about the whole trip was the whole tent thing. I honestly love tent camping. Just not with a baby.

I brought travel co-sleeper for Owen. It is, essentially, a mat with edges. It was actually pretty awesome! It ensured that neither Marshall nor I would roll onto Owen, and that Owen wouldn’t roll out!

But, despite the sleeping arrangements working out so well, it was still rough. When I have to wake up to nurse and change Owen several times a night, it’s nice to be able to sit up and rock, and to change him on his changing table.

Not a possibility in a tent.

I was holding Owen in one arm, using the other to prop myself up from behind. Then, crawling around on my hands and knees to change him. Uggg. Next time, I camp in a cabin or I don’t camp at all!

Overall, it was an awesome trip. Camping with an infant wasn’t as difficult as I had been anticipating. Having family around to hold him and give me a break was awesome. But it was great to be able to experience the outdoors with him, and I totally can’t wait for next summer!

Little Bear

Little Bear


Throwback: Old Friends


This photo was taken the summer between high school graduation and the start of our college careers. These two ladies, Tina and Lauren, were two of my very best friends. Even though we’re apart now, I still love them dearly.

I miss these days, girlfriends! Spending this week’s Throwback Thursday wishing I could see you two!

10 things that rock about being pregnant

I loved being pregnant. My sweetness is only four months old and I already want to be pregnant again! I also love being a mommy, and I definitely want to do it all again.
There were some cruddy parts of pregnancy, of course. But here’s a list of my 10 fave parts of being preggers!

1. Baby kicks.

2. Getting huge…and being totally ok with it!

3. Clear skin!

4. You can use it as an excuse to get out of a speeding ticket.

5. In fact, you can use it to get out of, or to get away with, anything!

6. People will do anything you ask of them, because you’re huge and incapable…or at least, that’s what you’re leading them to believe.

7. You can eat the things that you normally sneak, because they’re just plain weird…rice crispy cereal with chocolate milk, anyone? Hey, it’s okay! You’re pregnant!

8. You finally have the boobs you’ve always wanted! And you know they’ll only get better after baby arrives!!

9. Decorating the nursery! The most fun you’ll ever have decorating.

10. Seeing your little one squirm on the ultrasound monitor. It is truly magical to see his little nose and fingers!

Those were my favorite parts! Did I miss any parts of pregnancy that totally rocked? Let me know in the comments!

10 Ways to Pass the Time While Stuck in Traffic

It’s unlikely that if you’re able to drive, you’ve never been stuck in a traffic jam. For some people, stop-and-go traffic is a daily struggle, and I understand the frustration that arises when you’re just not moving. Next time you’re stuck in traffic, why don’t you give one of these a try! I’m really excited to try these out for myself 😉

1. People-watch.

2. Make creepy faces at your car-neighbors.

3. Run a Chinese fire drill.

4. Clean out your purse!

5. If you keep makeup in your car, give yourself a make-over!

6. Blast your music and encourage your car-neighbors to sing along

7. Play the games on this list with your kids.

8. Watch some Hulu on your phone!

9. Play rock-paper-scissors with your car-neighbors.

10. Record a ‘Frozen’ lip-synch video!

Throwback: Best Friends


This week’s Throwback Thursday goes out to my bestie, Melissa. This photo was snapped at her bachelorette party (in a real club…with dancers!!).
I’ve got her on my mind today. She recently graduated from nursing school and got a job in Arizona! And, as proud as I am, I miss her like crazy!
She is someone that I can talk to about anything and who will never judge me. We are so comfortable with each other, almost like sisters.
So here’s to you, girlfriend! Hope you’re loving the new job!

The Most Akward Conversation I’ve EVER Had

There’s a new show on T.V. right now called ‘The Lottery.’ A couple weeks ago, I was visiting my mom and we decided to watch the pilot episode, not thinking anything of my 11-year-old brother being in the room. Now, the show isn’t terribly inappropriate, but it does talk a lot about fertility and babies.

As we’re watching the show, my brother suddenly pipes up with the dreaded question, “How are babies made?”


My poor mother. Put on the spot, totally unprepared, just wants to relax. But now she’s gotta give an impromptu sex talk. And I’m right there to revel in her awkwardness! 

My mom decides to just be honest with him. “A baby is made when a man’s sperm comes into contact with a woman’s egg…”

“But how does that happen???”

I’m hysterical. “They have sex!” I say it before I even realize I’m saying it. I’m a grown-up.

As my mom turns to give me a death-glare, my brother says, “Ew, no, the woman drinks the sperm and her egg hatches like a chicken!”

Thank goodness I didn’t have any liquids in my mouth, because they would have been sprayed all over the living room. I can hardly contain myself! She drinks the sperm and her egg hatches?? 

As my mom and I laugh uncontrollably, he continues on to say, “Yeah, and I know where you get the sperm, too! It’s lemonade! A man pees and his sperm makes the lemonade! You can buy it in stores…”

We look at him like he’s coocoo for coco puffs. My mom turns the show back on and says, “No more questions.”



My grandma’s picture can be found in the dictionary beside the word ‘hoarder.’ She is so sentimental that she has kept every single gift that my grandpa ever gave her.
Every. Single. Gift.
We helped her with a garage sale this weekend. What an experience! There were items that I would have sold in a heartbeat (especially if they were worth some money), that she just couldn’t bear to part with. They each held so many memories. The strangest things meant so much to her.
I realized that I’m just not like that. I keep photos and I keep letters and cards that my husband wrote me, but as far as objects go, I just don’t care for the unnecessary clutter. I’ve got enough crafty/decorative clutter. I just don’t have room to keep every gift I was ever given. Nor do I really want to.
And that’s the difference between us. We’re both shopaholics by nature, buying what we don’t need, but if I needed to sell the stuff in my house, I would be able to without much thought. I just don’t have the sentimental mentality that she does.
At one point during the sale, she came out holding two disney princess wallets, each one 20 years old. They were the first wallets my sister and I ever used, and we used them on our first trip ever to Disneyland. Because she and my grandpa were the ones to take us on that trip, they were special to her. But when she showed them to us and asked if we wanted to keep them, we flat out said no. We wanted to sell them.
She wasn’t too happy about that.
I’m not sure how to explain it to somebody who is so sentimental, that I just don’t need all of these objects to recall my good memories. I prefer to look at photos and let the memories roll over me. I don’t need gifts to feel loved. I don’t need objects to remember love.
I will never forget my first time to Disneyland. I may have only been four years old, but my memories of that trip are vivid. And I will never forget my grandpa. He’s apart of me, and I don’t need to be surrounded by objects of his to recall his voice, his silliness, his love.
I’m writing this post knowing that she’ll read it. And I’m not writing it to put her down, or to put anyone down who may be sentimental. I’m just pointing out that I’m different.
I’m not sentimental, and I think that’s okay.

My grandpa being silly.IMG_4677-0.JPG